New Quilling Book - The Art of Paper Filigree

There's a new quilling book in town! Quilling, The Art of Paper Filigree by Philippa Reid, whose work I, and undoubtedly many of you, have known for years via the online paper crafting community, is a British publication from The Crowood Press. While the paperback and e-book versions are already available in the UK, both can be pre-ordered on Amazon here in the U.S. where they will be released on July 22 [edit: postponed to March 1, 2020].

quilling book cover with colorful, circular pattern

When Philippa first wrote to tell me about her book, she explained that it is unlike other quilling titles in that it does not contain patterns or projects. Instead, it is a compendium of highly detailed information about traditional quilling techniques, some of which date back hundreds of years, as well as modern applications. Containing 112 pages and 173 photographs, you will find quillwork created by Philippa with only her fingers, paper strips, and glue.

quilled design made with silver metallic edge paper strips on a purple paper circle

She further explained:
Quilling, for me, has always been about exploring creative possibilities. The numerous different shapes that can be formed using rolled, pinched, looped and moulded paper strips all have a natural fluidity that allows them to fit readily together, and I personally think this offers almost infinite potential for the creation of designs.

book page shows the making of three quilled coils
When I was approached by Crowood Press to write a comprehensive practical guide to paper filigree techniques, I was very excited by the prospect of exploring and demonstrating all the processes involved in quilling in a very detailed, hands-on way. I wanted the book to reflect the approach I take with my workshops, in terms of encouraging students' own innate creativity through mastery of the skills required. 

on-edge outline of a fish created with strips of paper
 Philippa shows another way to use the same shapes that are in the previous design.

My aim was to inspire readers across a very broad potential audience, ranging from general crafters and novice/experienced quillers right through to mixed media artists who work with collage techniques. Having learned so much on my own path towards attaining Higher Level Accreditation with the UK-based Quilling Guild in 2016, I could see the writing of this book as the culmination of that journey. 
sample quilling book page that shows scrolled and vortex coil shapes in two quilled designs 

I loved every minute of the writing process. It felt as though I was pouring my heart and soul out onto the pages, passing on - and in some instances reviving - information that has nourished the development of paper filigree art over the centuries. Now it is for readers of my book to take that knowledge forward. 

quilling book example page shows a swirled design and construction of an eccentric coil   

Philippa is a dedicated finger roller who encourages this method of rolling coils without the use of a typical quilling tool. You'll also find instructions for forming vortex coils, pixie-hood loops, huskings, multi-strip open coils, fringed flowers, ring coils, and more. She shows her technique of creating a single strip outline with the aid of straight pins (image below), on-edge letters, abstract designs, and 3D models constructed from solid coils.

sample quilling book page showing a number outlined with a paper strip held in place with pins

And now an INTERNATIONAL giveaway, courtesy of The Crowood Press. To enter to win a copy of Philippa's book, leave a comment below.

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The winner of each giveaway will be chosen separately via a random number generator on Sunday July 21, notified, and announced at the end of this post and on Instagram. Good luck!

colorful skeins of narrow paper strips

Quilling, The Art of Paper Filigree is available directly from The Crowood Press and can be ordered from Amazon.

Philippa blogs at Quilliance and is on Instagram and Twitter.

Congratulations to Lorrie, giveaway winner! 

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  1. Oh! Yes!! Getting my neighbors interested in quilling. This would be fun as a group project. sandhollowgems at yahoo dot com

  2. What a neat book! I'm fascinated by the blue- and red-headed pins. That's something I didn't know about. cindy.derosier at gmail dot com

  3. My congratulations to Philippa for this great book! She has always been a constant inspiration and guide in my evolution on this path of quilling.

  4. Looks very interesting. I have been studying the antique methods.
    Christine Morris

    clmorris20012 at gmail dot com

  5. I love it!!!! I want to win!!!!

  6. I know very little about the antique methods, this looks like a perfect resource. My fingers are crossed! Daria Wilber

    Mad et paris at gmail dot com

  7. This is a must have book whether I win or not
    Lorenaloewen at gmail dot com


    How very exciting! Congratulations to you Philippa. I know your book will be exceptional just like your work. Thank you Ann for sharing this with is.

  9. Looks like an amazing book with some new techniques to try!

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  10. Yes, this is such a neat book! debbie
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  11. Amazing book! Thanks for the opportunity to win.
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    maryannfortunato at gmail dot com

  13. Amazing! I have been trying to learn new designs of quilling. This book can help me.

  14. Would love a copy! hrhdeanne at yahoo dot com

  15. Love this! I love reading everyone books to pick up new techniques.

  16. This book is going to be so interesting. My wife has recently taken up this craft and rather than just copy other people's designs, to understand the building blocks and how to use them in conjunction with other shapes will let her create her own wonderful unique creations.

  17. This book looks fantastic. I love reading about how other quillers execute various techniques!

  18. Thanks for entering, everyone! Stay tuned for future giveaways.

  19. Congratulations Lorrie on winning the giveaway for a copy of my book! I hope you enjoy reading it! 🎉🍾

  20. I love quilling even though I’m not very good at it. I will persevere and hopefully be able to make something decent.

    1. All in good time, Lynne! It takes practice, but just enjoy being in the quilling zone and I promise you'll get better and better.


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