Remarkable Quilled Mandalas and Geometric Paper Art

I used to think I had limitless patience when it came to paper quilling, but that was before incredibly intricate mandalas and on-edge geometric paper art created by other quillers became so popular. Inspired at least in part by Alli Bartkowski's book of thirty patterns, Quilled Mandalas, circular quilling began peppering social media a few years ago. It's fun to see the wide array of coils and lines that are used... people's creativity and dedication to their craft never fails to amaze! Let's take a look at these examples:

large-scale quilled mandala

Ronald Regamey is a prolific Ontario, Canada paper artist who creates large-scale mandalas with paper strips that he cuts by hand. A Threat, shown above, measures 21 x 21 inches. His first solo exhibition is underway through August 3 at Lee Art Gallery in Orillia, Ontario. Here's a shot of another mandala by Ronald that shows the detail of central dimensional coils.

detail of dimensional quilled coils

Andrea Banks of Anomaly Arts experimented with photo editing for her cool circular mixed media piece that combines paper with metal. I admire the way she is always thinking outside the box. You'll find her on Facebook too, AnomalyArtsbyAndrea.

metallic quilled circular design

Here's another neat design with metallic accents... this one is by book artist and quiller Melissa Schnaible in Ohio who has a knack for creating pristine work. You just know this one gleams in person and the use of patterned papers adds interest.

quilled mandala with metallic accents and example paper strips and detail stork scissors

Bangalore artist Ragini Gupta Chakravarty (@ginsdesk on Instagram) is another versatile maker who draws intricate mandalas and creates quilled ones too. For this example made up of domed tight coils, she first marked the background paper with lightly penciled guidelines and used pinpricks to achieve perfect circles.

side view of dimensional quilled mandala

Miriam Fitzgerald Juskova in Ireland describes herself as a visual artist and paper artist with a love of geometry and mandalas. She notes that this all-white piece is a favorite design of hers although I have to say the colorful one below it is gorgeous too... plus offering prints to hang as wall art is such a smart way to extend one's work.

geometric on-edge quilled design

large quilled mandala print on wall

Hermina Fábiánné Domán of Etsy shop MinkArtDesign in Budapest has used a beautiful mix of linear and coiled shapes in this blue mandala design. Have a look at the remarkable paper lace art and dramatic on-edge vortex designs in her shop too.

shades of blue quilled mandala

Aurora of MandalaBorealis in Paris has the right idea in the prices she charges for her work... mandalas require such skill and endless hours to create. This lacy design includes carefully placed dots of white paint inspired by artistic Indian kolams. She also makes beautiful paper cut mandalas.

framed lacy quilled mandala on shelf

Zahra Ammar's Instagram feed and Etsy shop in Sacramento, California features a myriad of geometric projects... folded paper, cut paper, and quilled paper. She is another artist who utilizes a variety of techniques including watercolor and calligraphy, and explained that the Arabic lettering on this piece means 'God has willed', a phrase usually written at the foyer of a home.

altered art mandala

Iwona (Vonnie) Wright of Moon Bloom Paperart in London has a knack for creating combination quilled and on-edge linear mandalas in vivid color combinations.

collage of six quilled mandalas

It's surprising the way the lovely designs above can suddenly seem minimalistic when shown next to this heavily encrusted mandala by Lydia McAllister of Etsy shop Okika Papercraft in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She has filled the entire design with tiny coils, and also creates modular origami sculptures.

densely quilled colorful mandala

Last, but certainly not least, the work of Guy Bertrand Tamo in Louisana caught my eye on Instagram where he is @guy_art_quills. This piece, Green Bloom, gives the sense of a mandala; the framework was created with bamboo skewers. Remarkably, Guy has only been rolling paper since November 2018 when his first project was to repurpose the frame of a broken mirror. "After two decades of doing pencil art, ink art, and playing musical instruments, quilling was just an extension of my artistic journey. As a software engineer, I decided to incorporate my scientific rigor/training onto the mix and also wanted to bring a masculine touch and some African root to the art." He doesn't have a website, but can be reached at or via an Instagram direct message.

geometric quilled design with bamboo skewer framed border

If you would like to show your quilled mandalas and geometric designs too, I invite you to leave a link in a comment so we can all enjoy seeing them.

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