Delightful Paper Jewelry for Color Lovers

I'm thrilled to host this paper jewelry gift card giveaway [ended - scroll down to see who won] for Dittany Rose of Cambridge, England as I'm such a fan of her glossy paper earrings, necklaces, brooches, and cuff links.... it makes me happy to see the vivid colors and modern styles. She creates eye-catching pieces that bring a moment of joy to all who notice them... and notice them, they will!

Modern drop earrings handmade with sterling silver, colorful patterned paper, and resin
 Anemone Drop Earrings

Dittany is one busy jewelry artisan with a beautiful website where you can shop her newest designs, plus she stocks a dozen craft galleries in the UK, sells in person at craft fairs (watch for updates on Instagram, @dittanyrose), and manages an Etsy shop. Oh, and she writes such interesting blog posts too! Recent topics include the backstory of paper and is the paper she uses eco-friendly?

Handmade pendants feature printed card and resin beads on sterling silver geo shapes with necklace chains
Soma Pendants are Dittany's newest design - 
your choice of shiny or oxidized sterling silver

Dittany, tell us about your jewelry and how you got started making it.

I began making paper as a teenager... I would turn used paper into pulp, add in petals, etc. At Middlesex University I did a couple of projects on my Jewellery Design degree using paper and mixed materials to make jewellery, along with using everything from brass to plastic.

Colorful brooches made of card layers and resin with a printed design
Layers of black and white card add to the effect

Then I went off to work overseas and had a completely different career for twenty years in language assessment. I have only come back to jewellery and started my own business in the last few years.

arrangement of rainbow colored necklaces made of printed paper and resin on sterling chains

I like to call my mismatched collection, Silver Jewellery - For Colour Lovers. The pieces are handmade by me at all stages. Although I use a laser cutter, I do the cutting myself which has allowed me to experiment. Every detail is very important... I put great care into each order, and that includes packaging.

Black boxes with hot pink stickers are packaging examples from Dittany Rose paper jewellery

I’ve always had a thing for circles - drawing them, cutting or drilling them into things, printing with them. It’s a simple idea that can give endless design inspiration. These are my Microorganism Drop Earrings, a thoughtful gift for med students and biologists.

Mustard colored microorgansim drop earrings made of printed card, resin, and silver

Once the pieces are cut, it takes at least a week to make a set as each one must go through a number of stages of laminating and pressing, followed by applying layers of resin that have to dry overnight.

Printed black and white paper and resin pendant on wire necklace worn by model

Why did you choose to work with the materials you do?

Sterling silver is precious, I'm in love with paper as a material, particularly layers of coloured card... it's flexible, versatile, holds colour well, and is associated with books and art, not to mention it also makes a great first or second anniversary gift, and lastly resin, which adds protection and shine. My clear-coated pieces are more durable than paper jewellery that is simply varnished.

Colorful printed card, resin, and sterling silver handmade cuff links
Jazzy cuff links are great gifts for your wedding groomsmen

And now a U.S., U.K. and Canada giveaway!

Dittany will be sending a gift card valued at 25 British pounds (approximate U.S. value is $32) to one winner from blog entries and another from Instagram entries. Yes, you may enter both places to double your chances, but can only win once.

Circular sterling, black and white printed paper, and resin stud earrings in three sizes
Anemone Earrings are available in three sizes

To enter on the blog, post a comment and visit Dittany Rose. Sign up for her newsletter by clicking on the blue bar at the top of the page. You'll be glad you did because you'll receive free shipping and occasionally other treats as well. :)

Pastel color printed card, resin, and silver earrings in geo shapes
Rare color earring studs for pastel lovers

A total of two winners will be chosen from blog and Instagram entries via a random number generator on Sunday, November 10 and announced at the bottom of this post and on Instagram.

Printed card black pendant with resin and silver chain

Note that the giveaway policy has changed: You no longer are required to include your email within your comment unless you want to do so. If you choose to not include your email address, be sure to return to this post after the giveaway has ended to see if you are a winner. Without a visible email address, you will not be notified.  

If you are a winner, you will have two weeks to claim your prize by emailing me at ann.b.martin at gmail dot com - do so before November 24. 

Rainbow necklace composed of colorful resin-coated paper beads on circular wire

rennbridy and @fernspackman_art
 Thanks to all who entered and 
watch for more giveaways in the coming weeks.

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