Free Folded Book Patterns by Heather Eddy Art

"Tis the season of giving and oh boy, do I have gifts for you, courtesy of Heather Eddy Art! If you've ever wanted to create folded book sculptures, click on the links below to be taken to four tutorials. Until a few years ago, Heather sold these same instructions via Etsy, but due to a full-time job as a librarian, part-time teaching, family obligations, etc., the shop had to go by the wayside. Now she is generously making her hard work available to all in the spirit of paying it forward, and asked me to help spread the news.

folded book pages

I don't recall where we first met in the world of paper, but it was most likely via commenting on one another's blog posts. Shortly after that, I featured the cleverly worded paper bead jewelry she was making at the time. Heather, who has a BFA in watercolor, is always full of fresh ideas and enjoys sharing them. For example, she recently blogged about experimenting with Liquid Graphite, while creating one of her remarkable tiny house paintings.

folded book heart sculpture

Within these four links, you will find a wealth of book sculpture information. Heather goes into detail on choosing a book that will be just right for folding, tools, materials, the best way to fold and crease each page (for example, don't use your fingernail or a bone folder - who knew!), centering a design, and more. She cautions to use a book that is no longer useful and to expect plenty of trial and error as you perfect your technique.

It is important to note that Heather is making these patterns and directions available for personal use only. In other words, you may make sculptures via her patterns to give as gifts, to sell, or auction off for charity, but the tutorials posted at the above links are not for distribution.

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  1. Thanks for re-introducing me to the work of Heather Eddy. Years ago I found her website and purchased a few of her book folding patterns, including ones that got me started in creating my own patterns. Since then I have folded many book patterns as gifts. Suffice it to say, forgot about her website. So, it's good to revisit.

    1. That's great to hear! I've always enjoyed Heather's blog.


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