How To Quill: 10 Favorite Quilling Videos

The things I do for you, my fellow paper quillers! Ha, just kidding, kind of. This past weekend I waded through more YouTube quilling videos than can be imagined to pick out the gems I'm sharing below. I gravitate toward videos that showcase modern designs, move along without excess chatter, and perhaps this goes without saying, have high quality sound and lighting.


This one from the HandiWorks YouTube channel is a good place to start because it goes over the making of 35 quilling shapes. I also like their video that features 10 types of quilled foliage.

Cecelia Louie's channel Paper Zen features both quilling and the use of SVG electronic die cut files. It's safe to say every new quiller has questions about gluing... her Quilling Glue Basics video focuses on five tips. Cecelia has created a number of quilling playlists that you're bound to find helpful, especially if you're new to the game and/or if you'd like to try your hand at on-edge letters and numbers.

The AV Visuals channel shows a variety of crafts along with quilling. This video goes over the use of quilling accessories. Keep in mind not all are necessary... actually, it might be less overwhelming for a beginner to use only the essentials. I started out with a Lake City gift tag kit (paper strips and an instruction sheet), a makeshift tool, craft glue, plus a phone number to the company office where an actual quiller answered the phone.. the good old days! But of course it doesn't hurt to see tool options as some can be time savers or are simply fun to use.

The HGTV channel posted a new intro to quilling video this winter and it's a delight! Longtime readers might remember when the That's Clever HGTV show came to my home to film me making two quilled cards. If you'd like a chuckle, you can read about my acting debut and see the video.

Meredith Amand of the YouTube channel The Paper Craftery is great at coming up with seasonal designs geared toward beginners. Spring isn't too far off - hallelujah! - so her newest video that shows how to make abstract quilled tulips is a good one to try. And St. Patrick's Day will be here soon, so here's one for quilling paper clover.

Recently I've been fooling around with more unusual quilled shapes and appreciated this vortex coil video by Agnes of the Agnes Paper and Crafts channel. (She mainly features quilling, but also pop-ups and other paper craft techniques.) Vortex coils have a truly special look.

Julide Belen has a very nice variety of quilling video tutorials on her channel, JJBLN. Some show the basics and tools, and in this one she takes us through her method of creating a colorful quilled on-edge letter with the help of a lightbox.

Quilling Card company is responsible for generating the gorgeous cards first seen in gift shops and museum stores, and now in some mainstream stores. The company has a how-to quill channel that features videos that go along with its card making quilling kits. For example, the one above shows how to quill cherry blossoms.

As an aside, another one of their videos that caught my attention demos how a customer can scan the QR code found on the back of their cards with a smartphone camera to see a short video that shows paper rolling... what a brilliant way to build quilling awareness!

Azlina Abdul's multi-craft channel makes quilling videos that showcase many techniques. Because new quillers often ask about using a pasta machine to cut paper strips, in this video she shows exactly how it's done, and also how to emboss paper sheets that are nice to layer on handmade cards.

Shari Carroll of Simon Say Stamp teaches a way to combine stencil stamping with quilling to make a project that's pretty enough to give as a gift. It turned out so nicely despite the fact that she's new to quilling - wow!

quilled S scroll being place with bent tip tweezers on Pin about 10 favorite quilling videos

And here's a BONUS VIDEO: An adorable little pooch from Sena Runa's YouTube channel. Unfortunately, the template is no longer available, but you could draw the image freehand or take a screenshot, print on card stock, and adding your own quilling as shown. A number of free templates for other designs - butterfly, hummingbird, feather, etc. - can be found at the bottom of the home page at

I hope you've enjoyed this video round up. Happy quilling! Cash Back
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