Quill an Endearing Printable Dog Card

You might remember this cute pup outline from my earlier post, 10 Favorite Quilling Videos. When its creator, Sena Runa, was unable to locate the template that accompanied her how-to video, I figured the next best thing would be to draw it by hand. I'm happy to say I came up with an even easier way to recreate the sweet pooch to share with you. A friend's birthday was just the incentive to make it happen as she loves her dogs dearly!

greeting card featuring a fancy dog decorated with fringed flowers, leaves and butterfly

The expressive face cracks me up... delighted to be prance-walking through leaves while balancing a butterfly on her nose. Instead of trying to draw the outline, I took a screenshot from the video, printed the image, trimmed it into a square, and adhered the layers with double-stick tape. You can save the image below, adjusting it to your desired size.

line drawing of haughty dog

Sena decorated her example pup with printed images of colorful quilling, but I decided it was a good opportunity to use up fringed flowers and leaves I'd made a few too many of in the past.

haughty dog decorated with quilled images on head, chest, feet, and tail
Sena's dog with printed cutouts

If you have a similar stash of extras, I highly recommend finding a use for them... so satisfying! I pulled out a variety of flowers and leaves, narrowed the choices down to shades of purple, green, ivory and silver, and added a few vellum scrolls.

greeting card with dog decorated with quilled fringed flowers, leaves, and a butterfly balanced on nose

How to Make Fringed Leaves:

1. Fold a one inch (approximate) paper square in half.

2. Make a curved cut to create a leaf shape.

3. Without unfolding the square, make a series of tiny snips along the outer edges.

4. Open the leaf and shape the tip by pinching it slightly to one side for a realistic look.

four steps to make a folded fringed paper leaf

Also: How to Make Fringed Flowers

I wrapped the present in Rainbow Watercolors gift wrap that comes in 'book' form in a variety of pretty patterns from Tuttle Publishing (featured here)... it's very nice quality.

quilled dog card decorated with flowers with colorfully wrapped birthday gift

The rainbow twine had been sent to me by a quilling friend in Indonesia along with an assortment of papers including pearlized sheets that I used for layering. I can't get over how well the twine goes with this wrapping paper - kismet! The crystal butterfly sticker was from a package of craft supplies from another faraway friend... this one in Dubai. And because the birthday girl has opened her gift, I can tell you it contained crystal ornaments to catch the sun and make rainbows on the walls... hopefully to the delight of her cats and dogs.

Extra: As an ode to the butterfly on the pup's nose, here's an easy one to fold from a square of paper. It would be perfect as a gift topper instead of a bow. I came across it via this round up of 125 hobbies to pick up during quarantine. A great way to take your mind off what's wrong with the world is by focusing on making something. Getting lost in the zone while making this card sure did the trick for me.

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Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. As always, I come away from your pieces with the urge to try something new. Thanks for sharing your time and talents with us, Ann - you truly are an inspiration to me.

    1. So nice of you to say, Deb, thank you and happy making!

  2. This is so cute! Thank you for the tutorial!

  3. What an adorable card. I love this. That dog is just too cute and the way it's decorated with the quilled flowers is simply perfection.

    1. Thanks Ann, that's very kind of you to say! I hope you're doing well.


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