Tantalizing Paper Sculptures by Polly Verity

Several years ago, Paper Creatures, an exhibit organized by Ilan Garibi at the Old Jaffa Museum in Old Jaffa, Israel, introduced me to the work of Polly Verity, a wire and paper sculpture artist in Wales. Lately Polly's Instagram feed has been a showcase of her newest exploration...  sensual faces sculpted from a single sheet of paper.

watercolor paper sculpture of kissing faces

In February of 2019, a playful Heart in Mouth was the first hint that she was experimenting with human features (worth the click to see what I mean).

red paper sculpture details two faces kissing

And then in time for Valentine's Day this year, the alluring Red Paper Kiss came along. These intimate origami sculptures are quite a departure from Polly's equally stunning earlier work that featured sharply folded lines in mathematically configured repetitive patterns.
 paper sculpture of face holding a bent straw between the lips

For the past six months I've enjoyed watching her continue this softer study of wet folding and molding for which she works with dampened Arches watercolor paper.

watercolor paper sculpture of two faces kissing, one with colored lips

Polly's geometric paper tessellations are well-known in the origami world, as well as pieces like Sphinx, a paper covered wire armature that was shown in the Israeli exhibit.

geometric 3D wire form of sphinx covered with translucent paper

More examples of each type of art, as well as Polly's interesting backstory that led to a career can be found on her website, Polyscene. And if you're in the market for a special gift for a loved one, she has begun listing one of a kind facial sculptures in the Polyscene shop.

geometric origami model folded sharply in repeating pattern

Curious to see how Polly creates a repetitive pattern like the one above? Don't miss her corrugated paper tutorial via Instagram. She is also on Facebook.

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