Six Fine Art Jewelry Designers Who Work with Paper

I'm constantly impressed by the variety of professional paper jewelry that is being created by paper artists around the world. Granted, most people never give paper a thought as a viable jewelry material, but these stylish and even sophisticated pieces prove that isn't true. This is the first part of a two-part paper jewelry feature.... I'll think you'll be surprised by these avant-garde designs.

modern art purple and red layered paper on silver ring base

multicolor modern art layered paper brooch

Lucie Houdková in Prague, Czechia creates fine jewelry using many materials. These multicolor laser cut paper pieces, a ring and brooch, are included in her recent Deep in Color series. Her work has won a number of awards, been exhibited around the world, and is in numerous collections. See more via Instagram where she is @luciehoudkovajewellery.

black and gold geometric paper earring pair

geometric paper brooch side-by-side with fabric pattern inspiration

The handsome pair of earrings and brooch seen above are from a paper jewelry collection by Stavroula Kavalierou in Athens, Greece. They feature a glossy geometric pattern inspired by traditional patterns from Metsovo, a northern Greek village known for its handwoven woolen textiles. The earring design is called Two-Headed Eagle and the brooch is Rose. Stavroula is on Instagram, @stavroula_kavalierou.

multicolor layered paper earrings

modern layered paper necklace

Alejandra Epifani, the owner of Cartonpia, an Etsy shop in Palma de Mallorca, a community located in the Balearic Islands off the coast of eastern Spain, often uses paper that would otherwise be discarded to make modern, densely layered jewelry. She also makes unique brooches and earrings that feature hand-rolled paper string made from newspaper. Find her on Instagram,

layered golden paper earring pair

book page golden necklace pendant on gold paper clip chain

Mona Velciov, a freelance graphic designer and jewelry designer in Bucharest, Romania, @monotipmvm on Instagram, creates contemporary jewelry from an array of materials... textiles to concrete. Her most recent collection of paper earrings and necklaces was designed as a tribute to books - a small monument to an endangered species - with each piece showing well-loved curled pages. Most recently her work was exhibited at Venice Design Week and Romanian Jewelry Week.

green and red layered paper brooches

watercolor jewelry sketches

paper and silver bud and leaf pendants on necklace wires

Naoko Yoshizawa, a jewelry maker and artist in Japan, @naoko_art_jewellery on Instagram, creates modern brooches, necklaces, and earrings from silver and Japanese handmade paper that she hand dyes. Watercolor sketches are the first step of her design process. She can be contacted via Instagram.

delicate paper cut leaf necklaces

delicate blossom paper cut earring pair

Chihiro Furugen, exclusive designer of @paperjewelry_japan on Instagram, began creating delicate, yet water resistant paper accessories that "all women can wear with peace of mind" after developing a metal allergy. Materials were carefully selected from more than 5,000 kinds of Japanese paper and resin was chosen for the earring hooks." The company website is and the shop is Vivace.

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