Six Jewelry Designers Who Work with Paper - Part II

Enjoy this look at fine creative paper jewelry made by worldwide artisans... it is the second installment of a two-part feature. Missed part one? Six Fine Art Jewelry Designers Who Work with Paper

origami fan-shaped paper earrings in blue and white

Anastasia Ioannidi, an Architect and Structural Engineer in Athens, Greece, is currently working on her PhD on transformable origami architectural structures at the National Technical University of Athens. She creates origami patterns in both small and large-scale projects, and because she loves jewelry, especially earrings, she began designing original origami jewelry.

multicolor origami earrings with modern ear wires

Anastasia combines papers sourced from around the world with modern findings of 18K, 22K gold, 925 silver, or 22K gold-plated silver. The blue and white earrings were made with handmade cotton paper from India, and Italian paper with a mosaic pattern was used for the blue and orange pair. Cold enamel is applied to each piece so it is fully waterproof. The jewelry is available in museum shops and galleries in Athens... Anastasia's Etsy shop is Paper Studio Patras and she is on Instagram.

Paper and glass bead rectangular modern brooch

trio of circular paper and aluminum pendants on black cording

Liliana Broussard and Cristina Barcellari in Italy joined talents to create Opella contemporary fashion jewelry. The stylish designs, as seen in the two images above, combine pure cotton and recycled cellulose paper with Murano glass beads and aluminum. Since 2011, the Opella workshop and showroom has been located in an old fruit and vegetable shop in the Dergano district of Milan. You'll find Opella on Instagram, @opellamilano.

Layered paper retro-style drop earrings

Circular silver and layered paper earrings

The retro modern shapes of silver and paper earrings by Shermin Valimohamad of Carta in Iran caught my eye. Shermin studied Handicrafts at the Art University of Tehran and knew jewelry design was her calling from the second year of study. She had the opportunity to use various materials and developed an attraction to paper due to the variety of colors, textures, and flexibility. See more on Instagram, @carta.creativity.

Multicolor pink and purple star design paper bracelet

Multicolor layered patterned paper bracelet with metal beads

Waltrud Subryan, originally from Germany, now lives in Florida where she uses printed paper and cardboard to create bracelets, earrings, and pendants. Sometimes she works with self-painted paper and SnapPap, a German washable paper made from cellulose and latex, a new name to me. (This article explains it and here is a SnapPap selection on Etsy. In the U.S., it is called Kraft-Tex. A sampler pack is available on Amazon.) The rectangles of the multicolor pink and purple bracelet are joined with elastic... a prototype, she says, while the green bracelet features patterned pieces decorated with metal beads. Waltrud is on Instagram as @papermeetsfabric.

cobalt blue strobilus paper pendant on beaded chain

necklace of suspended pastel printed paper oval discs

Originally an art director, graphic designer, and illustrator, Alice Kresse in Bethesda, Maryland studied jewelry design at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington D.C. after being inspired by a museum exhibit of a well-known jewelry artist. She works with non-traditional materials including washable paper (non-woven polyester) to create modern jewelry. For example, the Cobalt Blue Strobilus Necklace features painted die cuts, glass beads, and sterling silver. A Printmaker's Necklace is composed of paper, ink, wax, and oxidized sterling silver. Alice is on Instagram, @alicekresse.

paper fruit shapes medley on plate

pair of paper earrings on card feature printed lemons, leaves, and gold findings

Demodé Handmade Jewels by Silvia Cannata in Milan, Italy are created to bring a smile of delight and positive vibes. Perfect for summertime, the cheerful fruity designs are made with a natural fiber that comes from the reworking of wood. Silvia designs the graphics, prints with eco-friendly inks, laser cuts the shapes, and adds complementary findings. She is on Instagram, @demode_jewels.

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