Ingenious Origami Jewelry Made from Upcycled Paper

I’m a self-confessed fan of paper jewelry, but even if it isn’t your thing, I'm pretty positive you’ll enjoy seeing the creativity and skill that Kirstine la Cour Rasmussen of Denmark folds into her stunning origami jewelry designs. She always uses paper that would otherwise be discarded... definitely a matter of making lemonade from lemons!


black and gold origami necklace made of catalogue paper

For example, this chic black necklace with gold accents was hand-folded using paper cut from a Royal Copenhagen catalogue.


origami bead necklace made of book page paper
Kirstine told me that she has long been fascinated by paper and folding. "The Corona lockdown made for the perfect opportunity to 'fold away', and I started out with my first folded bead pattern and the first necklace in my series that I call The World on a String. Since then more patterns have come into shape. I use recycled paper only: worn out books, wrapping paper, discarded maps, torn cartoon and the like."


origami map paper bracelet with folded box and care card

"All designs are original. I first draw a pattern on the computer and then transfer it to a cutting machine to try out. The cutter scores as well, so I only need to fold. In the process there is a lot of trial and error. A lot of wrong angles and fold fails. But it is part of the process. When a pattern fits, it is a question of finding the right size... the pattern can be adjusted to make beads in a variety of sizes."


origami and rolled paper ring made of yellow floral paper

"Then starts the search for the right paper.... color and texture. I usually apply two or more layers of water-based lacquer to the paper. This doesn't make the jewellery waterproof, but the colors will be longer lasting and sometimes I find the paper becomes more flexible." 


machine cut upcycled paper scraps

"And then I spend time, because folding takes patience. It is slow. Slowfolds suits my current lifestyle in which I care for my first child who has a severe chronic blood disorder. My background is in political science, and previously I worked in communications and politics, but I have changed lanes career-wise... it has now hit the slow folding track."


modular origami necklace composed of red recycled papers

"After folding along scored lines, I use glue to preserve the shape of each component and lastly assemble them to complete the piece."
origami necklace of beads made of sheet music on a string


Kirstine's custom-designed Slowfolds boxes and care cards are stylish and perfectly suited to origami jewelry.


kraft paper product care card for hand folded origami jewelry

She includes hand-scrolled paper medallions in several of her designs.


origami paper bead necklace with rolled paper center medallion


Slowfolds arrived on Instagram - @slowfolds - just this past June and Kirstine is already building an appreciative audience. Searching for just the right accessory to wear this autumn or to give to the jewelry or paper lover in your life?



paper bead origami necklace in autumn colors

She sells her designs via Instagram, @slowfolds, or contact her via email:



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  1. Wow This is beautiful! Do you do classes or sell them online?

    1. Hi Tracy, Kirstine sells her designs via Instagram Direct Message, @slowfolds, or contact her via email: to let her know you're interested in taking a class.


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