Versatile Paper Artist and New Graduate: Adam Hu

Throughout my blogging journey I've enjoyed featuring those who are relatively new to the paper art and paper craft world. There's no question I admire the stellar work of the famous names, but coming across people who are doing great things, but aren't nearly as well known, is what makes me happiest... I consider it an honor to help bring their work to light. Such is the case with today's featured artist, Adam Hu, a young paper artist in Toronto, Canada.


on-edge paper art orchid


Adam wrote to introduce himself to me on Instagram. After taking a look at the examples that were posted in his feed, I knew his story was one I wanted to tell.



Adam has been creating with paper since 2012, but only recently started to seriously consider turning it into a part-time career after graduating this past June with a Master of Music in Piano Performance.

detail of colorful on-edge paper strip art


Adam's first undergrad degree was in civil engineering, but he quickly realized that there was a drive to pursue beauty within himself that couldn't be satisfied by working in the engineering field. He turned to music and the piano, which is something he had been doing since childhood, and earned a second degree in music.


 paper cutting of a coffee plant with cherries and flowers


After college, he pursued music full time and started the Master's program at University of Toronto. Adam then realized his desire for beauty was not limited to music, but also visual art. That's when he started exploring more with paper art, which he had mainly been doing for fun over the years.


on-edge circular paper art sunset


"The more I explored my artistic calling, the more I realized that my piano playing and art making are inseparable. People often ask me which one I enjoy more or get more fulfillment out of. In my head, they are one. It's the desire to use my hands to create something beautiful to celebrate life. They are just two of the many expressions of that pursuit."


fringed paper art nuthatch bird


This particular on-edge art work made me smile because if anyone has come up with a Plan B, it's Adam. In just several years' time, he completely reinvented his career plans. I suspect he'll triumph in whatever path his life takes.


 on-edge paper art with flat paper cut block letters


His paper work is varied, imaginative, and perfectly precise, all qualifiers that ensure success.


on-edge colorful circular paper art with paper cut block letters


As you can see from these examples, he is skilled at paper cutting and sculpture, as well as modified quilling and on-edge strip placement. Follow along with Adam on Instagram where he is Contact him via IG direct message or email: if you would like to commission a custom piece. 

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