Eco-Friendly Paper Mache Flowers and Paper Jewelry

Alessandra Fabre Repetto of Rome, Italy combines her love of nature with a passion for recycling by creating delightful paper flowers and fashion accessories for the modern woman. Brides seek her out to design arrangements that will last long after the wedding day... an ideal memento to display in the home. 


paper mache floral circular arrangement with bride


After noticing beautiful new paper art creations on Alessandra's Instagram feed, I invited her to introduce them and to tell us how she's been coping with changes in the bridal industry due to the pandemic.


paper flower tree with bride


"2020 has brought new challenges; some were planned while others were absolutely unexpected. During lockdown, I felt the need to share my passion and so I asked myself to creatively do this even when forced to stay home. I started a YouTube channel and posted tutorials to show how I paint and set up my paper mache flowers."


large paper flower arrangement held by bride


"Last month I took part in Isabella and Clara's Unika Sposa photo shoot for ECLEKTICA's Capsule Collection 2021, a young, fresh, and eco-friendly wedding gown collection composed of twelve unique and adjustable pieces to create one's own gown."


bride wearing paper flower accessory on chignon


"I created some larger floral compositions for the occasion, such as trees and round centerpieces, as well as a collection of hair accessories, garlands, hairpins, and earrings for 2021."


bride wearing white paper flower crown


"It was wonderful to work as a team with Isabella and Klara, along with Giovanni Cavallaro, photographer, Chiara Amodei, hair stylist, and Simona Gemma, model. To all of them, I give my greeting and thanks."


black and gold pleated paper collar necklace


"For the first time I've had the pleasure of being part of a moving exhibition on contemporary paper jewellery, Eloquence of Paper, Jewelry, curated by globally known designer Luis Acosta. The exhibition has reached a number of European capitals."


burgundy floral paper necklace


"As for my new jewellery collection, it was inspired by geometric patterns: triangles, cubes, and lines. Its units have been crafted as insertable paper pearls or pleated fabric (plisse line)."


sculpted paper geo-flower necklace


"The passion for jewellery making was coupled with a similar one for furnishing objects, such as interior design floral compositions. I love to play with styles and colours, as well as  to recall the past with a modern twist."


single stem paper flowers in vivid colors


"Inspiration may come from an Art Nouveau drawing, a tattoo, or an embroidery, but what I value most is the possibility to create a non-existent flower or plant as if it came from a fantasy, fairy tale world."


Alessandra has an Etsy shop and blog, and is on Instagram and YouTube. She can be reached at

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  1. Such beautiful, elegant, sensual, evocative work - so, so pretty!

  2. Absolutely stunning work! Those necklaces are amazing.

    1. Yes Lisa! Ale sent me a floral necklace several years ago and I have to say it's always complimented each time I wear it.


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