Spotlight on Iris Paper Jewelry by Mayumi Origami

Today I'm happy to shine a light on the stylish folded paper jewelry made by Renata Mayumi of Mayumi Origami in Leipzig, Germany. 2020 has been a difficult year for many artists and small business owners, but Renata hasn't let it slow her down. In fact, she has used the time to design a brand new line of origami earrings that I'm pleased to introduce... the Iris Collection.

four pairs of circular origami earrings folded from blue and gold papers

Renata explains: "The name Iris came from the idea of a circular, alive shape. It instantly reminded me of the iris of the eye with all its texture, movement and depth.

circular golden folded paper origami earring on model


"The process of creating the Iris Collection started in June. It is the most complex model I have created so far, and although it requires only one single paper, it involves a long folding process. The result of the overlapped circular shape makes the time spent worthwhile."  

turquoise circular origami earring with silver ear wire on model

"This is the first time I challenged myself to photograph and edit photos. Improvising is one of the most exciting things in life for me and I believe I managed this task quite well. It's easier, faster and more accurate when you are in this position because you know best how to showcase what you've created, mainly because you're already so familiar with the product. It becomes more personal."

five folded paper squares in geometric black and gold pattern strung on golden necklace wire

Renata uses such stylish findings to create her jewelry pieces. I've frequently given her designs as gifts and the recipients are always delighted... they wear them often because they are so lightweight and durable. 


pair of blue patterned folded paper bead earrings on golden drop wires

Each purchase arrives beautifully constructed and packaged. The drop earrings above are from the Hexa Collection... I love the way the clever triangular folded paper beads fit perfectly on the metal form. Below is the brand new version of Renata's popular Mosaic Earrings... the Mini Mosaic.


small square origami earring with golden wire on model


The Kyoto Collection includes these earrings (below) that are offered in 24K gold plated brass or Rhodium plated brass. The line includes a ring and necklace too. Renata hand folds each piece from a fine metal sheet.


golden folded metal earrings with tiny crystal in center of each

I asked Renata to tell us more about how she is continuing to find success despite this turbulent time.


rolled handmade paper bead and brass pendant on necklace thread
Passing Clouds Necklace I
Materials: paper pulp, Lokta paper, pigment, linen thread, brass

"Although the year has been unstable, I have kept myself quite optimistic. I had already developed such a deep connection with my business that it seemed impossible to imagine life without it. And now, more than ever, we must use our creativity to keep active, busy, and dedicated. It cannot be just about sales. I started a new hobby, painting with gouache and watercolour. This has made me calmer, focused and also inspires me to create my own patterns in the future.

There have been half as many events and fairs in comparison to 2019, but from August to October I was surprised by the ones that were held as they were very well-organized. Both visitors and exhibitors felt safe.
The online shop had a remarkable increase in sales due to the constant support of my customers. I especially want to highlight the incredible kindness and understanding by U.S. customers who agreed to wait almost six months for their orders to be shipped due to the pandemic. And once shipments were finally allowed, the wait was another 25-30 days as parcels were (and still are) required to be sent as ocean freight."

necklace of two semi-circular white paper shapes attached with brass chains
Passing Clouds Necklace II
Materials: paper pulp, Lokta paper, brass
Paper Art 

This year was a very important year for me as a paper artist. I applied to two well-known paper competitions and was surprised to be selected for both!

1. Lucca Biennale is among the most prestigious events dedicated to paper applied to art, design, architecture and creativity, as paper is an ancient material locally produced in the area of Lucca, Italy. It is one of a kind: each edition of the exhibition features a theme tied to current events that underlines the connection between art and society.
Piece Selected: Passing Clouds Necklaces
The name "passing clouds" was taken from the haiku poem of Matsuo Bashō, known for being absorbed by nature and its seasonal association. I personally relate to the impermanence and the time passage atmosphere in Bashō poems.

close up of rustic paper semi-circle with golden necklace chain
Passing Clouds Necklace II - detail

Creating the Passing Clouds collection with paper pulp allowed me to understand and respect the complexity of the material... stepping back and investigating the time required of the drying process, working with the natural transformation of the surface, generating this unique and organic skin. The result was an unforced, gently controlled appearance.

It became important to me to let time affect the material without my interference, as an observer of the impermanence of life.
white paper dress with red paper ornaments scattered across bodice
Materials: 200gr acid-free cellulose paper, 20gr paper tissue, 
abaca paper pulp, pigment

2. Design Eye Creative Paper on Skin is a biennial wearable art competition in Tasmania that was first held in 2012. 

Piece Selected: Burgeon dress
"Burgeon, a collaboration between paper artist and jeweller Renata Fukuda and fashion and jewellery designer Marta Lisboa, is the result of unpredictable ways of playing with proportion. Both artists share a refreshing appreciation to edgy contours and unconventional constructions, giving the piece a fun and appealing final aesthetic.

By bringing together the stiffness of 19th century crinoline and the airiness of puffy sleeves, the artists wanted to experiment with the contrasting properties of paper: the structure of sheets, the fragility of tri-dimensional modelling and the organic texture of paper pulp elements."

detail of paper dress bodice with scattered red ornaments and puffed sleeves
Renata's Etsy shop is Mayumi Origami. She is on Instagram and Facebook, also as Mayumi Origami. Order holiday gifts right away if you are in the U.S. as shipping is taking longer than usual - 20-30 days due to pandemic restrictions.
This is not a sponsored post, however I have received Mayumi Origami jewelry so the text reflects my true impression.

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