Exquisite Quilling by Beth Reece

Beth Reece is known for intricate, densely quilled designs that are perfectly executed. She uses traditional quilled coil shapes, and has begun adding a looping technique called husking or combing to the mix. Beth's quilling has been featured on the blog several times, but not since 2013 when she shared a quilled snowflake tutorial, so it's high time we check in with her and have a look at recent creations.


quilled snowflake ornaments on Christmas tree

Oh, and be sure to check back on Thursday morning as Beth will be sharing a brand new DIY quilled ornament with us and it's a beauty! Wee hint... it isn't a snowflake. Any guesses?

quilling snowflake on tree


Meet Beth:


"Quilling is just a hobby as I finish the waning years of my career as a writer and editor. As I find myself more in an editor role, quilling helps me experience the gratifying rush and joy of the creative process. Most of my work is done in the evening after work and it helps me relax and forget about the day’s stress."


close up of quilled snowflake on evergreen tree
"Being drawn to shiny objects and filigree jewelry, I have a soft spot for metallic edged quilling strips whether it’s gold, silver, rose, copper, holographic or color on color. People are often shocked to discover my projects are made of paper instead of metal."

framed quilling design in black, cream, and silver


Latest designs:


"I recently completed a project I called “The Sterling Series” of four mosaics in black and cream strips edged in silver. After almost a decade of quilling with a traditional slotted needle tool, I’ve discovered I enjoy combing even more."

ornate quilled ornament


"I like the perfect uniformity the comb yields and being able to get variety by using combs with various spacing between the prongs. And of course, the coils can still be manipulated into graceful curves by pinching or shaping with the fingers just like coils quilled with traditional tools."


framed square white quilling design on dark background 


Upcoming plans:


"I am already planning my 10-year quilling anniversary by launching a website in 2021 dedicated to showcasing my work and sharing some designs for simple projects like angels and snowflakes. Facebook has never felt like a fitting place to expose my larger pieces, most of which are multi-layer mandalas.


quilled paper filigree ornament

"The website, Quillerie.b, will also be where I debut a quilling project I was inspired to start when I was gifted a prayer shawl while recovering from breast cancer treatment. The shawl comforted my tattered spirit and my project is similar to the Prayer Shawl Ministry in that it will give fellow quillers a way to support and warm others’ hearts."


framed square quilled design 


'Wow' was my reaction when Beth sent over all these photos. I'll cap off the post with this magnificent tree adorned only with quilled snowflakes. I'm excited to share her upcoming ornament tutorial in my next post, just knowing how much you'll all love it!


Christmas tree decorated with white quilled snowflakes 


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  1. As an admirer of Beth's work over the years, I truly enjoyed seeing more of her creations. As a facilitator for a prayer shawl ministry, I am very excited and looking forward to learning more about her psm inspired quilling project. Thanks for sharing. We all need a little beautiful in our lives right now!


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