Warm Holiday Wishes

Paper pals, before the sun sets on 2020 I'll state the obvious and say that this year has been like no other. Luckily, we can always count on artists to come up with new ideas that delight and inspire us. A gemstone snowman on a tropical beach? Looks good to me! Not paper, but no matter the medium, art brings us together. 



gemstone snowman sculpture on tropical beach at sunset


I enjoyed these thoughts on making from Joone Creative's Whitney Chiu in her recent newsletter: 



Craft has been a respite for so many of us this year - when we have felt helpless in the face of illness and injustice and uncertainty, we have turned to the simple, yet profound, comforts of transforming thread into embroidery, cord into macrame, paper into collage. Soothing ourselves, reminding ourselves that we are agents of change.



About the photo: "During the 2017 Miami Art Week, Jade Signature and developer Fortune International Group celebrated the unveiling of Bonhomme Universe, the tower’s gemstone “snowman,” a whimsical piece by Romania-born artist Daniel Knorr which was commissioned as a public sculpture on the beach by Fortune International Group President and CEO Edgardo Defortuna."


Bonhomme Universe Sculpture at Jade Signature from Jade Signature on Vimeo.



I look forward to bringing you more finds, artist spotlights, and tutorials in the future.


Wishing you the happiest holiday season possible and a bright new year.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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