Holiday Recap with Paper Ideas for the New Year

The holidays may have come and gone, but in my mind they aren't officially over until I show you paper-y finds that came to light during the season. It's become something of a tradition here on All Things Paper.


framed quilled wedding invitation keepsake

I've been enjoying getting to know quiller Laurie Bortolotto in Ohio who creates customized, framed wedding invitations such as this pretty, all-white example. She can be messaged via her new Facebook page, Quill Art Keepsakes


Laurie is a member of a quilling club that creates items to sell with proceeds benefitting local charities. This cute 3D quilled Santa ornament is just one of many nice things she made for the Christmas sale. The group found that quilled crosses and framed floral wreaths sell well too.


quilled 3D Santa ornament

Laurie recently posted a photo of a quilling kit that was new to me, Paper Swirls Unicorn Fantasy. One of her fellow quilling club members had found a batch of the kits made by Alex Toys at a discount store and bought one for each person as a Christmas gift. It includes a hand powered winding tool that especially piqued my curiosity. I've tried a motorized slotted quilling tool in the past and found it spins the paper strip way too fast.


3D unicorns and dragon quilling kit

Laurie agreed with me about the motorized quilling tool having tried one herself, and said that the hand crank model is hard to use too. "After a few turns it was difficult to move, but it may be that it's just new and needs breaking in." She had a good time creating the characters the traditional way though, and honestly, the clever designs are worth the price of the kit alone. 


unicorn and dragon quilling kit supplies

The kit is marked way down on Amazon. While the rolling tool might not be helpful, quite a few other supplies and quilling strips are included, plus shipping is free if you're a Prime customer. I wouldn't buy it for a child despite the fact that the description says it is for ages 8 and up... crafty teens would love it though.


gifts wrapped in black, white, pink and silver patterned papers

Here are some presents I wrapped in paper from one of the books that was sent to me by Tuttle Publishing.... yes, wrapping paper books. I realize black, white, pink and silver won't be everyone's color palette of choice for a festive celebration, but then Christmas 2020 wasn't like any other. The ombre pink and white twine, spun from discarded paper by Ulrike Hegel of Paperuli who has a beautiful Etsy shop, was just right as an accent. 


square note cards and heart envelopes in clear box

Included in the stack of gifts I wrapped up was a box of B.Noted cards and envelopes from Brittnee Henry in the Pacific Northwest. She's just getting her small business off the ground, but already has a fab collection of appealing papers; many have a metallic shine. 


assortment of colorful small square cards and envelopes

The small size of the notes and envelopes makes them ideal to use as gift cards and little messages of love, especially considering the punched heart in the corner of each envelope.


snowy barn scene on glittery Christmas card

This fave Christmas card/change of address announcement we received is too darn cute not to share. It's a little hard to see that the snowy barn is dimensional and the scene has just the right amount of glitter. I love a bit of shimmer, plus it's the kind that actually stays put. :) The card is a keeper.


Paper Artist Collective list of topics included in #AMonthOfPaper


As for what's to come in 2021, if you happen to be on Instagram (and even if you're not, I think you can see my posts), I'm taking part in a January Instagram challenge initiated by the Paper Artist Collective. You're welcome to join in whether or not you are part of the Collective. It's fun coming up with something that has to do with each daily prompt. I find myself trotting down memory lane while looking through the scads of photos I've saved over the years.


circular rose gold metallic paper necklace pendant

The All Things Paper newsletter was sent out last week and in it I asked if anyone would be interested in a blog tutorial for this necklace pendant that I made a few years ago. I heard back from quite a few enthusiastic quillers so stay tuned... I'll remake it soon and will take notes as I go. [EDIT: The quilled necklace pattern has been posted - enjoy!]



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