Extraordinary On-Edge Paper Quilling by Priyanka Sagar of Glimpse Craft

I frequently come across new-to-me quilling artists via social media and have an especially industrious one to share with you whose talent is paralleled by her patience and fine attention to detail.



large-scale, intricate quilled mandala


Priyanka Sagar lives in Gujarat, India where she has been a full-time artist for the past three years. Previously she had begun sharing her work on Instagram, Facebook, and Behance, never thinking she would actually be able to attract clients via social media. 


However, she was contacted by a company to redesign their logo using paper strips, which along with participating in the India Art Festival where her work was well-received, gave her the confidence to devote all of her time to the art.



Large-scale quilled leafy green abstract wall art

I wrote to Priyanka to ask her to tell us more about her quilling history, process, and favorite supplies, so enjoy getting to know her in this Artist Spotlight.



Quilled leafy green abstract framed art displayed on wall


When and how did you become interested in paper quilling?


I learned the basics of paper quilling in a private class in 2013 where I was taught to decorate an envelope with quilling. After that, I enjoyed using paper strips as a passionate hobby.



Quilled Havanese dog portrait


While in college in 2015, I sent some work to be framed. Someone noticed and appreciated it at the frame shop, and inquired about making a purchase. This was the turning point as I realized I should take a chance on this thing that I love to do.
Quilled pair of koi fish

What first attracted you to quilling? 


Well, paper quilling is all about paper and its different uses. I love the uniqueness of the three-dimensional effect when seen from a distance, as well as the use of different techniques with colourful paper. So many colour choices excite me to create more and more pieces. I enjoy the process of making beautiful art with varied strip widths. 



Quilled wall art piano with paper musical notes


Did you focus on art in college?


No, I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Administration in 2017, however, by that time I was thinking of myself as an artist and never pursued a different job.


Quilled wall art of woman wearing hat shown with bunch of tulips

What are your favorite tools?


I use a large slotted quilling tool and also a thin one, as well as fine-tip tweezers. These are my favourites to use in all of my artworks. Fevicol is the glue I use most often. 


I work with both pre-cut strips and cut my own, and used different paper strip widths in my latest work, a huge mandala. It was a new experience... tough to do, but after completing the whole thing, I have to say it is amazing.



Detail of intricate quilled mandala


Note: You can watch Priyanka's process in creating the large-scale (25 x 25-inch) mandala via this video. The piece required three months to make. Details can be seen in the very short video below.




Do you prefer to focus on a single subject or theme?

I don't feel it is necessary to work on any particular subject. For example, every colour has its own beauty and effect. My main motive for creating art with paper strips is that whatever I plan or create must be unique. I strive to use new techniques and do clever designs that show something new or extraordinary each time.



Quilling artist Priyanka Sagar

Reach Priyanka Sagar via her website and Etsy shop, GlimpseCraftIN. She is also on Instagram and Facebook.


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  1. Wow, beautiful works! That mandala is amaaaaazing! I'm so glad you shared detail shots, Ann - I couldn't make out what created the cream colored 'fill in' - talk about detailed!!! Truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing Priyanka's work! May she continue to create such beauty for a long time to come.

  2. Amazing! The time a patience to detail in her mandala piece is just that.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing it, Pat. Yes, amazing!

  3. What an amazing talent! Extraordinary.

  4. What an amazing talent! Extraordinary.


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