New Quilled Card Ideas and Lucky Stars

Whenever I give a gift, especially one for a new baby, I love to include a quilled card. Why? Because quilling lends itself so well to cute designs! When a friend's daughter welcomed a baby a few weeks ago, wheels started turning as to what card I would make. 


quilled new baby card with bear, balloon, and butterfly


Years ago I squirreled away a tiny quilled bear after testing out a free pattern found online in Craft Creations magazine. I'm happy to see that the company is still in business and not only that, but many issues of the now defunct magazine are available as free downloads. I have yet to locate the one that contains the bear pattern (their design looked like the card below that I had made back then), so if anyone finds it please post the issue number in a comment below.


EDITED TO ADD: The pattern is in Issue 19 pages 28/29 and 30. Thanks to a reader for letting us know.


I remember making several bears because, like potato chips, you can't stop at just one. While rooting through a box of leftover quilling bits, this little aqua fellow appeared looking perfectly presentable after all that time.

handmade baby card with quilled bear - detail


While I was hunting, I came across a number of origami lucky stars (also called puffy stars) that I had made when Cecelia Louie shared her tutorial. This little lavender star seemed about the right size to be a balloon, and it has a nice sheen thanks to using pearlized paper. For the balloon string, I glued two pieces of silver ornament cord together to give it extra thickness.  


green, gold, and white folded lucky stars with curled ribbon


The light green acrylic butterfly is actually a sticker that a faraway friend sent to me about a decade ago along with other little treasures. I'd used a number of them at the time and put away the remainder for a rainy day.

handmade card with rick rack chicks, quilled flowers and sun

The card still seemed a bit empty... the little bear needed a patch of grass to sit on, so I sketched a few tufts of greenery a la these rick rack card designs. Adding a few tiny quilled flowers would have been nice too. (There are more rick rack card ideas at the link and also a tutorial for making the looped foliage and quilled flowers.)


white textured gift bag with handmade quilled bear card and ribbons attached

Babies are so precious, it's fun making a little something special for them and their parents. Because the gift was going to be hand delivered, I punched a hole in the wood grain cardstock (from LCI Paper) and used embroidery floss to tie it on the gift bag, sans envelope.


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