Creative and Appealing Paper Earrings - Cléo's Origami

Just one look at Cléo Raksanyi's origami paper jewelry and I knew I wanted to feature her clever work on All Things Paper pronto!


Origami chandelier leaf earrings made with red and gold chiyogami paper


I was reminded of my love of jewelry, especially paper jewelry, while listening to several fashion bloggers on Instagram Live last week. They were discussing ways to elevate the look of casual clothes that have become the norm in the past year. 


The keyword was accessorize... perhaps a scarf, headband, but definitely jewelry. I couldn't agree more, as adding just one or two small extras to an outfit creates interest via color, pattern, and frankly, a bit of pizzazz.   


 Pair of origami paper, brass, and resin colorful cloud earrings

 Who says a rainy day is gray? Not when it includes a rainbow!


A busy mother of two young sons, Cléo, who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, has built a flourishing business on Etsy where her shop is called Cléo's Origami. The earring designs combine eye-catching papers with special findings and beads in an array of shapes. Each pair is created with attention paid to the tiniest detail.

Pair of paper, brass, and beaded boho statement earrings

Cléo protects the paper with layers of lacquer to make it waterproof. Brass joins are secured with UV resin on the back of the piece.


Origami paper and wooden geometric bead statement earrings 


Reviewers describe the jewelry as well-made, very light, and even prettier than the pictures. "Took my breath away." one said. Another noted the packaging is gorgeous.  

Square dangle earrings made of wood and origami paper

Cléo's bio mentions that she grew up in France where her mother introduced her to origami when she was very young. As a teen she began doing modular origami. I asked Cléo to tell us about her move to Canada and the addition of jewelry making to her list of interests. 


Pair of origami leaf earrings made with folded teal and silver chiyogami paper
Origami leaves are especially popular.


"I moved to Vancouver almost eight years ago to study to become a Montessori teacher. Here I met my husband so I stayed and we now have two little boys. As for jewelry making, I was always very crafty and learned all the basics from my mom, especially everything related to paper. The rest I learned by reading books, watching tutorials, and with a lot of trial and error. My style is still evolving as I love to try new techniques and create unique pieces."


Pair of origami horse earrings made with orange, red, and green patterned paper


A number of earrings are currently on sale including this intricate pair, ideal for a horse lover (as Cléo is). Made with an 8cm (3.2") square of colorful origami paper, each folded horse is enhanced with glass beads on sterling silver earring hooks.


Pair of modular origami paper earrings in pink and silver

Lovely pink, silver, and gold geometric earrings are also on sale. Folding hollow octahedrons and such small origami figures like the horse takes considerable skill and patience. Customers who snap up these pairs will be receiving something very special!

Pair of chiyogami paper and wood boho geometric earrings

Visit Cléo's Origami and follow along with her newest designs on Instagram.

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