Stylish, Customizable Foil Transfer Art Mats

More often than not, I feature handmade paper art and paper crafts, but these decorative photo mats with original foil transfer designs by Megan Lafrenz caught my attention. (Longtime readers will know I love a bit of shine!) They're stylish and modern, not to mention a wonderful way to preserve the memory of a trip, family member, birth, place, or event in a frame containing a special, yet reasonably priced mat.


photo of smiling graduate in cap and gown in black frame with white mat decorated with foil transfer gold tassel and Class of 2021 title

I first noticed Megan's work on Instagram a few months ago when she launched her feed and opened an Etsy shop... ShineGoodsCo. I had to nod along in agreement with what she wrote in an IG post about doing what she loves, and was led to ask her to tell us about her art background, creative process, and upcoming plans. 


purple foil transfer carnations on white photo frame mat


I am a Digital Marketing Specialist at a direct to consumer company by day in Chicago. Mostly I analyze results for advertisements on different marketing channels. Since my job is highly analytical, I need a creative outlet outside of work and I’m always coming up with different things to make. I’ve taken a few graphic design classes in high school and college, but other than that I am self-taught. 



Opening my own shop in March has been a dream of mine since I was little, as I come from a family of entrepreneurs. I have found a passion in what I’m creating now with these mats because I love connecting with people and creating something unique for those special memories in life. I also have a passion for photography so it's fun getting to use pictures from different trips I've taken in my product images.


framed baby photo with mat decorated with foil transfer elephant and Hello Little One phrase

The ShineGoodsCo name came about because of the old Irish blessing Megan's great-grandmother would say each time they parted. Perhaps the words are familiar to you... May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back... it continues.

Star Wars scene photograph framed with lightsaber foil transfer mat

Megan explains, The name ShineGoodsCo comes from the line 'May the sun SHINE warm upon your face'. It combines my love of faith, travel, and memories with family and friends.


My process starts by drawing a design to get a quick feel for what I want and then I create it in a digital software. After that, I create a physical copy of what my design looks like on regular paper in the size of the mat to make sure it’s what I want. Next I transfer the design to foil on the mat using a digital cutting machine.



Currently my focus is on 5x7-inch and 8x10-inch white photo mats with thirteen foil color options. The main material is an acid-free mat board with a beveled cut for a polished look. The acid-free aspect is key to ensuring your photos don't get ruined. In the future I plan to add more mat sizes and styles. For example, Polaroid style, magnetic mats, and more holiday and travel related designs. 

foil transfer color options shown on white photo mat


In all honestly, I know very little about the digital cutting world, but am becoming a convert as the results are pretty, not to mention next to impossible to achieve by hand. I can only imagine how satisfying it must be to see your vision magically transformed into something so appealing and professional.

family name with gold leafy design imprinted on photo frame mat with floral paper behind it

If you have an idea for a custom design, Megan is ready and willing to work with you on bringing it to life. Just contact her via ShineGoodsCo on Etsy. She is also on Instagram.


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