The Art of Contemporary Woven Paper Basketry

This giveaway [ENDED] is the third in a series of new paper craft book releases sponsored by Schiffer Publishing this fall. How wonderful that there is a company committed to elevating paper art and paper crafts by presenting such beautiful how-to books for those of us who are fascinated by paper and all that can be done with it.

cover of The Art of Contemporary Woven Paper Basketry showing a sculptural black and white basket with peach color interior

Artist Dorothy McGuinness, author of The Art of Contemporary Woven Paper Basketry: Explorations in Diagonal Twill, creates truly remarkable baskets and sculptural objects with watercolor paper that she paints with acrylics and then cuts into 1/8 inch strips with the aid of a pasta machine. (I'm sure quite a few quillers will relate to this practice!)

nine examples of colorful woven paper baskets and woven paper sculpture objects

There are hundreds of color and black/white photos in the 176 page hardcover book, and the text and instructions are clearly descriptive. The vast number of hours Dorothy spent on the making of the baskets and then explaining how to recreate them step by step is obvious. Even if you never plan to actually make a basket, you'll enjoy all that she has to say about the fascinating process.

black and white modern woven paper sculpture

Studying its pages is perhaps the next best thing to taking an in-person workshop, which is where Dorothy was first introduced to the concept of weaving baskets with paper strips about twenty years ago. She found paper to be a far more appealing medium than traditional materials such as cedar bark, oak splints, and bamboo that she had previously used because it is so accessible.



book page descriptions of tools used for woven paper basket making

I feel incredibly lucky to have seen two of Dorothy's woven paper baskets in person when our work was included in Pulp Culture: Paper is the Medium, an exhibit at New Jersey's Morris Museum in 2014. If you are on Facebook, you can see her exhibited pieces here. A couple of months prior to the exhibit, I featured her in this post.

book page showing project text and red and yellow woven paper basket

And now a U.S. and Canada giveaway! 


To enter to win a copy of The Art of Contemporary Woven Paper Basketry, post a comment below through Saturday, December 11. [GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED]


book page instructions for making a red and yellow woven paper basket shown in progress


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yellow, blue, and grey modern woven paper basket

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red and grey modern woven paper sculpture

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orange and yellow modern woven paper basket

The Art of Contemporary Woven Paper Basketry can be purchased from Schiffer Publishing, Amazon, or your favorite bookseller. 


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  5. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this BEAUTIFUL book!!! There are so many "vessels" I'd like to make...where to start, where to start... (I've woven baskets with reeds, and this is exciting!) Thanks again mmsrygley at gmail dot com.

  6. This book would be amazing to win! I have been an avid follower of All Things Paper for many years. Thanks for the wonderful and varied posts on paper crafts.

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  14. What a wonderful giveaway, Ann, and the book looks amazing!! Would definitely like to try this weaving method using paper:) My email is sangitapillai at hotmail dot com.

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    Happy Holidays!

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