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One of my favorite holiday traditions is making a new-to-me style of paper Christmas ornament each year. A couple of weeks ago I came across a video by Meredith Amand of The Papery Craftery who showed how to make a pretty paper star using a quilling comb. I've had an unused comb in my stash for oh, about a decade and I'm glad I finally gave it a spin!


The process of using a quilling comb (or an onion holder or even a hair comb) is simple... you thread a narrow strip of paper through the tines for a flat effect as with this ornament or make evenly spaced loops that can be used for flowers, leaves, and stems. (The process can also be done with damp straw splints which is called spreuer work.)


metallic quilling paper strips with quilling comb displayed on wood table

Because I'm a fan of subtle shine I had the thought to use pearlized gold and silver quilling strips for the combing, and gilded edge strips for the domed tight coil centers (all strips are 1/8 inch or 3mm). 


I love how the stars turned out... they look nice pinned on my little felt tree for right now, and once I begin wrapping presents I'll use them as gift toppers. That way the recipients can hang them on their tree... a little gift on a gift! 


Meredith does such a great job at demonstrating how to make stars, I'm not going to reinvent the wheel by adding written instructions to this post because she has already done that on her blog. And here is her video:


She has quite a few videos that show more ideas for using a quilling comb, so check out her YouTube channel


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  1. Those are really pretty. I haven't pulled out my quilling stuff in ages but I know I have a quilling comb in there.

    1. Thanks Ann! I haven't been doing much quilling lately either, but was drawn to this design after seeing Meredith make her stars. I hope you'll give them a go.


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