Lovely New Designs from Mayumi Origami Jewelry

Longtime readers will remember creative artist Renata Mayumi and the stylish origami paper jewelry she makes. In fact, our first collaboration on this blog began back in 2014 when I was first drawn to her work on Pinterest. I've enjoyed bringing her newest designs to my readers since then, and today is no exception!


pair of triangular bead dangle earrings made from patterned red, pink, and gold paper with hexagonal gold findings and ear posts

An Etsy Star Seller, Renata has sold more than 1500 of her richly colored jewelry pieces online. This number doesn't begin to account for the many earrings and necklaces she has sent to galleries and museum shops or sold at in-person markets in Germany where she lives. She is one well-organized maker.


What I especially love about Renata's work are the modern styles, unusual findings, and the attention she pays to each detail. The jewelry is so light and comfortable to wear, water resistant, and arrives perfectly made and beautifully packaged.


Meet the Newest Designs


pair of black and gold floral patterned paper bead dangle earrings with long golden metal spike hanging from each earring

 Spike Earrings



Both the Spike and B earrings (top photo) are created with durable Japanese washi paper and are protected from water splashes by the application of non-toxic, acid-free varnish. 


While the tiny, understated Hanami floral earrings (below) are not paper, I'd be remiss to not include them too. They are made of 925 Sterling Silver. Hanami, by the way, refers to the Japanese tradition of celebrating cherry blossom season.


pair of tiny golden cherry blossom earrings with posts


Hanami Earrings


Since the last time Renata was featured on this blog, Mini Mosaic earrings have been also been added to the Mayumi Origami shop (where shipping is free on quite a few items). As the name implies, they are more petite than her popular Mosaic earrings, which means they are more tedious to fold. Each Mini Mosaic measures 3.5cm x 1.7 cm; mosaics are 4.5cm x 2.7cm.


pair of square gold, blue, and peach folded paper earrings with ear wire hooks

Mini Mosaic Earrings



Choose from a variety of patterned or solid color papers that Renata sources from around the world, a number of which have gilded highlights. She offers several metal choices for the findings as well. 


pair of square grey, peach, and gold patterned folded paper dangle earrings

Mosaic Earrings


Note that shipping is quite slow between Europe and the U.S./Australia at this time, however, Renata's jewelry is truly worth the wait. European customers should receive their orders within 10 business days upon shipment, and if you are in Germany, within 2 days.


pink graphic showing model wearing a folded paper square dangle earring and a gilded necklace pendant with flower displayed on cloth

Renata and I agreed that it would be fun to team up for this giveaway... she will send a pair of Mini Mosaic Earrings custom made in the paper of the winner's choice ($42.59 USD value) and I will send one of my gilded paper Celestial Flower Necklaces (let's consider it priceless since I don't sell my quilled jewelry) to one lucky winner worldwide


This necklace is one of my favorite designs to make for friends and family. You can make it too, via my how-to book, The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry.


gilded edge paper pendant with asymmetric flower, paper beads, and golden necklace chain displayed on cloth


Yes, the winner will receive BOTH prizes!


To enter, simply leave a comment on this post. Renata is considering hosting an online workshop later this year. If this is something you might be interested in, mention that in your comment to help her gauge interest. 

Because I am unable to see the email address you type in at first on the comment form, please include your email address within your actual comment so you can be notified if you win. If spam is a concern, type it this way: janedoe at gmail dot com 


selection of patterned paper and solid color triangular beads in variety of colors

 Choices, choices!


This same giveaway is underway via All Things Paper on Instagram [ended]. If you wish, you may enter both places to double your chances.


The winner will be chosen from combined entries via a random number generator, notified, and announced at the bottom of this post and on the Instagram post on Sunday, January 30, 2022. Good luck to all!


hexagonal golden, pink, and red patterned paper dangle earring displayed on model's earlobe

B Earrings


Visit the Mayumi Origami shop where you'll find additional earring designs, necklaces, a ring!

A look back: Enjoy this post in which Renata was featured for the first time on All Things Paper.


Congratulations to the giveaway winner, @mainmaz!!!

She has been notified.

Thank you to all who entered and stay tuned, 

as another great giveaway will be coming up soon.

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