Elegant 3D Origami Art from Kaleidowall

In the Artist Spotlight is Kelli Nyman, creator of 3D origami wall art and owner of Kaleidowall, which is a fitting moniker for a business that derives its name from two Greek words - kalos (beautiful) and eidos (shape), plus wall.


modern stairwell with display of modular origami wall art in neutral tones


Kelli says she has always been drawn to art, design, and creating, and that she has a certain fondness for paper. She not only appreciates it in its untouched form, but especially loves the potential it holds... its beauty can be increased when manipulated.


3D origami art in light, neutral shades with light wood frame displayed on wall


Not quite six years ago, Kelli became attracted to the possibilities of folding paper into origami pyramids. She recognized that she could put her personal aesthetic stamp on stylish wall art of all sizes. However, it was just this past September that she took the plunge and left her job in digital advertising to focus on paper art full-time. She had long dreamed of opening an Etsy shop and, in fact, had studied design and merchandising in college in preparation of one day becoming a business owner.


charcoal, grey, yellow, and white 3D origami art in wood frame displayed on wall

While Kelli is far from alone in enjoying 3D origami, her design sense sets her art apart. Clients are charmed by subtle color palettes and organic, free-flowing shapes that exude simple elegance. She has been commissioned to construct large-scale works for home, office, and public spaces.

four panel, large-scale modular origami art displayed on wall in large public space

Kelli created this abstract representation of the Capitol Rotunda that hangs in the Grand Hyatt, Washington, D.C. in its immense ballroom corridor. Each panel measures 40 x 40 inches. Here she is photographing it... what a thrill it must have been to see exactly where it is displayed!


grey and white 3D modular origami wall art in light wood frame displayed on flat surface


The underlying canvases onto which she attaches modular pyramids can vary... sometimes black paint, kraft paper, or natural linen. Generally, the compositions that are listed in the Kaleidowall shop have a two-inch depth. Kelli is currently experimenting with creating small pieces on wood panels or stretched canvases that won't require framing. 

unframed selection of 3D origami wall art in neutral tones

Designing perfect packaging and hand-built shipping boxes was of utmost importance to Kelli who enlisted the help of her engineer husband. Each art piece must arrive in pristine condition with no crushed pyramids. 


brown paper box tied with grey twine displays Kaleidowall business card


hand-built box with lid and supportive wood dowels contains item wrapped in tissue paper alongside spool of grey twine

I asked Kelli what's on Kaleidowall's horizon and she replied that she will be launching an online shop (in addition to the Etsy shop) by the end of March that will include new spring-themed work. Also, in Cambridge, Massachusetts where she lives, she will have work included in the Inman Square Incubator (@inman_incubator) during the month of April as part of the Homeslice Shop Pop Up.


smiling woman standing in front of shelves lined with flat wrapped packages


I'm excited to see where Kelli's work will take her next. Visit the Kaleidowall website, Etsy shop, and follow along on Instagram.


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