Book Folding for Beginners and Beyond

Because book folding is one of the most frequently searched terms here at All Things Paper, I have a feeling introducing you to Beth Dounane-Oldrich's new book, Book Folding for Beginners and Beyond: Tutorials and Patterns, is going to make quite a few of you happy!


front cover of Book Folding for Beginners and Beyond shows gnome and rose folded book sculpture examples

Anyone who is enthusiastic about a particular type of paper art or craft, and then is motivated to find out all there is to know about it, and goes on to share that love with others by teaching is my kind of person. 

 folded book sculpture of three vertical hearts


Along with being an avid crafter, Beth describes herself as a nature lover and hiker who began her teaching career in the Peace Corps. She continues to help others by working as a special education teacher in an upstate New York middle school.

folded book sculpture of black and red playing card suit symbols

Since being drawn to book folding during the pandemic as a relaxing hobby and then discovering that she enjoyed creating patterns too, Beth opened an Etsy shop, Patterny Books where she offers a vast number (currently 175 are listed; she has created more than 500 to date!) with themes such as sports, quotes, symbols, music, nature, holidays... and the list goes on. 


folded book gnome sculpture


Beth was also attracted to book folding because the sculptures are so satisfying to do and are appreciated as personalized gifts. She also loves that book folding is a craft you can start right away (you probably have an old hardcover book that's destined for the recycling bin somewhere in your home, along with a ruler, scissors, and pencil), as well as being eco-friendly.


folded book Love sculpture


Her 105 page, self-published book includes four easy-to-follow tutorials, a dozen patterns including the three vertical hearts, playing card symbols, love, and cute gnome you see in these images (have you heard that gnomes continue to be one of the most popular trends in 2022?), step-by-step instructions, measurement grid for each design, and tips for avoiding common mistakes.


example of step-by-step instructions included in the book Book Folding for Beginners and Beyond

 Sample Instructions (excerpt)


Included Patterns:

  • Beginner's heart
  • Shamrock
  • Home
  • 3 vertical hearts
  • Once Upon a Time Castle
  • Celtic knot
  • Gnome
  • Rose
  • Love
  • Peace Sign
  • Cards
  • Butterfly

book folding butterfly

Included Tutorials
  • Mark and Fold
  • Cut and Fold
  • Combi
  • 180 with Cardstock

folded book gnome sculpture

 Make this sculpture as an end of year teacher's gift.

Book Folding For Beginners and Beyond is available on Amazon. Also check out Beth's Etsy shop, Patterny Books, where she sells patterns and welcomes requests for custom designs.


book folding sunflower

Please note that this post is not intended as a review or recommendation as I have not personally paged through the book. However, I have noted that customer comments posted in Beth's Etsy shop are positive overall with many five star reviews. Customers cite appreciation of her communication and helpfulness. 


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