#NationalQuillingDay is May 10!

Come celebrate #NationalQuillingDay with me! Join the Facebook Events page. National Quilling Day, May 10, is an all-out bash to celebrate the ancient art of quilling. You can participate even if you don't know how to quill. As long as you love quilling, come join. Read more about the event below:


quilled globe announces May 10th as #NationalQuillingDay

"For the first National Quilling Day, we want to make as much noise as possible. With your help and shared passion for quilling, we can bring more eyes to this craft. We’d love it if you’d participate and help celebrate quilling." - declared by the Quilling Card company, the event organizer.
greeting card with five quilled birds on branch 


Quilling Card chose May 10 because that was the company's launch date back in 2012. What a fitting way to celebrate their tenth anniversary!


quilled floral greeting card

If you've never had the chance to see the quilled greeting card selection and additional items that are created by the Quilling Card company's master artisans in Vietnam, you just might be amazed. Their precise technique, often paired with a watercolor printed background, is simply exquisite. 


You'll find Quilling Card greeting cards in many locations around the country including museum, gift, and flower shops. I've even come across a selection in the Wild Birds Unlimited stores in my area and have received two cards in the mail from friends at Christmastime that you can be sure I've saved.

quilled hummingbird sticky note pad cover

Huong Nguyen Wolf, the company's co-founder, is a native of Vietnam whose original career was in Marketing for large corporations in Southeast Asia and the U.S. In 2011 she left her job to pursue her passion for quilling by joining with her husband Raphael to create the Fair Trade Federation greeting card company. 



quilled tiger lily wall art  

Business operations and design development take place in Framingham, Massachusetts, while the quilling is done in three workshops in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam by more than three hundred local artisans. Learn about the Quilling Card process here


quilled birthday cake card alongside several quilling strips


In addition to greeting cards, the company has added quilled journals, wall art, sticky note pad covers, earrings, 3D ornaments, and quilling kits to the online shop. They also have several styles of wood shadow box frames that are just the right size to display their 6" x 6" greeting cards. Custom designs can be created for companies and events.



four quilled cards with envelopes featuring a bicycle, balloons, and pink and blue baby footprints

 DIY Quilling Kit for Beginners

Beginner and advanced kits are available. Included are a quilling pen, paper cutter, tweezers, and plenty of paper strips. There is also a video for each kit in which Huong demonstrates the process.

quilled lavender Quilling Card Kit with supplies

DIY Quilling Kit Lavender - Advanced

quilled lavender greeting cards with envelopes

And now a U.S. and Canada GIVEAWAY! [ENDED]


Win a Sunflowers Kit (exclusive to this giveaway) that features gift enclosure cards.

Six winners in total will be selected via a random number generator -

three from blog entries and three from Instagram. 
quilled sunflower greeting card on wood table

To enter simply post a comment below. Note: This blog's platform makes it impossible for me to see the email address you type in at first, so you must also include your email address within your actual comment so that you can be notified if you win. If spam is a concern, type it like this: janedoe at gmail dot com 

An identical giveaway [ENDED] is underway on my @allthingspaper feed on Instagram. Yes, you may enter both places to double your chances.


Winners will be chosen on #NationalQuillingDay, May 10, notified, and announced at the bottom of this post and on Instagram. Good luck!

Quilling Card Sunflower Kit in clear plastic package on wood table with batch of quilling paper strips


Join the #NationalQuillingDay Events page on Facebook.

Quilling Card (website) is active on Instagram and Facebook



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Thank you to Quilling Card for sponsoring this giveaway.


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