Whimsical Paper Miniatures by Tònia BÖSKÊ

Tònia of Tònia BÖSKÊ in Barcelona is a self-described perfectionist who delights in creating highly detailed paper miniature dioramas. One interesting fact about Tònia'a art life - and there are many - is that it was Spain's pandemic lockdown that gave her the impetus to develop her talent as a paper artist. I know you'll enjoy getting to know her...

detailed diorama scene made of paper showing animal figure dressed in robe, sitting in armchair cutting paper hearts

What prompted you to try your hand at making 3D paper figures?
In Spain we were suddenly forced to stay indoors at home for a month, so this is all pretty recent. Just as suddenly, on that same day I decided to use my imagination to escape from confinement by making something I had never made before: paper art! In fact, I have not had any artistic training (I studied Psychology); I am self-taught.
I’ve made four paper dioramas so far (Home Sweet Home, Sausages!, All Cats Like Jazz, and Life)  as a way of learning, plus four smaller ones with plasticine. My most recent work, Life, on which I worked more than a year, can be considered a kind of graduation. Each figure in Life was inspired by a stage of my personal or professional life.
detailed diorama scene made of paper showing neighborhood scene of animals dressed in clothing performing daily tasks

It is a forest with two levels of height (burrows and land surface), including three trees that are used for housing or business, fourteen anthropomorphic animals measuring 6-12cm tall, and lots of props and vegetation.

I put a great deal of thought into my dioramas... for example, the path that crosses Life is a metaphor for the emotional and learning journey that I traveled while creating the scene. 
detailed diorama scene made of paper showing owl perched on tree limb, birdhouse and book nook shop inside tree trunk
Tell us about the origin of your artist name.
Tònia is my first name and BÖSKÊ is the name I chose for this project. It is formed by the contraction of the names of the two female English Cocker Spaniels with whom I have shared / I share my life: Bòsnia and Kenya (the countries). A paper version of Kenya is my profile photo. 

3D paper diorama scene with trees, path, animals dressed in clothing, and burrows
What is your primary occupation and would you like to pursue work as a paper artist or will it remain a hobby?
I work as a web designer / developer, web content, SEO and community manager so I can only dedicate the spare time I have after other responsibilities to my paper stuff. 
detailed diorama scene made of paper showing sausage shop with dog pleading for snack from butcher as woman customer holding basket walks away

I’m considering getting some economic return from paper art in the not-too-distant future, but I’m going to start small... maybe sell some pieces in an online store, accept custom orders, and also try to make myself known in the publishing world, advertising, window dressing, etc. 
detailed diorama scene made of paper showing woman sitting in armchair next to fireplace reading newspaper
There is a project I can’t talk about until it’s fully realized, but I have been asked to participate in a really cool project with other paper artists. I feel very honored, as important paper artists have participated in this same collaboration before.

detailed diorama scene made of paper showing rabbit dressed in suit sitting in armchair near gramophone


Would you share a bit about your process?


In a nutshell, my work is not computer-designed and I cut the paper by hand. I do a lot of sketches and make toy prototypes. I use scissors, curved scissors, craft knife, precision tweezers, a commonly used white liquid glue and Canson Mi Teintes paper. It is the best I have found, both for its double-sided texture and for its thickness and solidity.

 detailed diorama scene made of paper showing dancing couple and rats watching from outside


In my Instagram account there are tutorials about my process and tips on materials. I also offer information in my posts or when asked in the comments.


People can see my portfolio, better organized and explained, on Behance. It is where I first began posting my images. Having my work placed twice in the platform's galleries was an honor that led to my taking myself seriously as a paper artist.


detailed diorama scene made of paper showing skunk dressed in uniform pedaling delivery tricycle

Even though you are relatively new to the paper art world, do you have advice to share with others who are just getting started?

The best advice I can give (from my perspective as a person who was not allowed to perform artistically during my youth and who now recovers lost time in a self-taught way) are:

1) Stop thinking or talking about what you will make... just make it.
2) Your next work has to be, not a little, but much more difficult and complex than the previous one. Only by imposing challenges on yourself and leaving your comfort zone, will you learn and improve.


3) If you’re not willing to spend free time or hours you don’t have on paper art, maybe you’re not interested enough.


woman in striped shirt balancing a tiny dog figure on index finger and looking at it

Follow along with Tònia BÖSKÊ via Behance and Instagram.


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  1. Really amazing, like entering another world. I didn’t even know people could make things like that with paper.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed being introduced to Tònia's 3D miniatures!


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