Rock Paper: A Paper Crafting Alternative

Have you heard of Rock Paper? Perhaps you remember TerraSkin that I enjoyed testing out once upon a time. It too was made of calcium carbonate so was similar to Rock Paper, but this new addition to the art and craft supply world has the attraction of being available in an array of pretty colors, as well as pure white.


two craft pumpkins made of paper strips, one with green stem and one with brown stem

I first learned about patented Rock Paper when the shop's owner, artist and professional photographer Molly Grosse, was a guest on the Paper Talk podcast. She explained that her mother, Mary Lehrter, is the inventor of this particular type of paper that is literally made from rocks.

square paper crafting sheets in Halloween colors

What makes mineral/calcium carbonate sheets special is that they are waterproof, acid-free, and non-toxic. Oh, and also insect, mold, mildew, and grease-resistant. Another benefit is that the production process is eco-friendly. It's hard to argue with a product that saves trees, reduces water usage, CO2, and energy during production compared to fiber/pulp-based paper manufacturing.

 small square black paper box with embossed bats and filled with paper-wrapped treats

 Foldable Bats Box Kit

Another interesting attribute of Rock Paper is that it is weightier than standard paper. For example, if a sheet is compared to a sheet of origami paper, it will be just a trifle thicker, but will be heavier in your hand. The sheets are listed in millimeters rather than pounds. 


variety of autumn colored square paper sheets


Origami artists may be wondering if Rock Paper folds crisply.Yes, it does... as proof, here's an example of sea creatures made by Elecia White, a customer who used the Mixed Blues Pack. The lightest colors have a lovely translucence similar to vellum.

origami sea creatures in shades of blue and green displayed with sea glass

Packs of pigmented sheets are available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Sheets are durable and even somewhat stretchable due to a proprietary binding agent that is combined with calcium carbonate. Some are smooth to the touch, while others have a slight texture. Many sheets have beautiful color striations that will add interest to your projects.

assorted blue and green square paper sheets

Rock Paper is reasonably priced and cuts easily with scissors, utility knives, cutting machines, and laser cutters. It doesn't fray and will even sharpen your blade if held at the correct angle. It accepts pencil, alcohol and acrylic markers, gel pens, ink jet and screen printing, and more... test out your favorites. The best adhesives to use are hot glue, double-sided tape and spray adhesives. Rubber cement provides a temporary hold.


assorted colors of square paper sheets

Visit Rock Paper Store's website and Etsy shop. Free shipping! Check back often as new items are always being added. 


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