Quirky Paper Mache Sculptures by Mierpapier

Granted, this is not the usual fare you typically see on All Things Paper, but hey, it's fun to be quirky for a change! Paper mache monsters sculpted by Miranda Mulder of Mierpapier are bound to bring a smile to your face. In fact, that's Miranda's intention with her art... to make people smile. 

four colorful, humorous painted paper mache figures with huge eyes


Miranda is a Dutch artist who fell in love with the versatility of paper mache while studying Art and Design at university. An internship assignment for which she created 3D chickens launched a solo career she continues to enjoy nearly two decades later.


three colorful, humorous painted paper mache figures with huge eyes


First, Miranda sketches an idea that has sprung from her vivid imagination. She then begins the process of blending shredded newsprint with water to make paper pulp and mixes it with wallpaper paste.


flatlay of paper mache figure components

She shapes a rough approximation of the figure and once it is hard and dry, sands it into shape, adds textured pulp if needed - to give the look of fur, for example - and finally applies color and fine details with paint. 

four unpainted paper mache dog sculptures on table placed in front of glass jar, green plant and paper mache cacti

The latter is what brings such warmth and personality to each little monster, bug, or furry friend.


four humorous paper mache dog sculptures with huge eyes

Almost as enjoyable as seeing the figures is the description Miranda adds to each one via social media... for example: 'So, who brought the swimsuits?'


one green, one purple paper mache monster figures facing backwards


Judging by the legion of fans who follow her, there's a whole lot of love for Miranda's irresistible creatures. 


 green dotted paper mache monster figure with huge eyes holding large red heart, standing in glass dome with wood base

Visit the Mierpapier website/shop. Many items are marked sold at the moment, but Miranda is always happy to hear from people who would like a custom design or to have one recreated.


selfie of young woman with long red hair wearing bright yellow ren and stimpy tee


You'll find Miranda Mulder of Mierpapier on Instagram and Facebook.


close up of waving green paper mache monster figure with huge eyes


There's no better time than now to say thank you for reading my posts this year. I appreciate each and every one of you and marvel at our community of folks with simple paper as its common bond. Wishing you an enjoyable festive season!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Thank you Ann The world of paper never ceases to amaze. Festive Greetings!

  2. You're welcome and happy holidays to you too!

  3. I just discovered your blog in a Pinterest post. It's amazing! Just a few minutes browsing let me know I'll be spending many hours here, looking at all the wonderful artwork and getting lots of ideas. Happy Holidays!

    1. I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the content I post! Happy holidays to you too.


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