8 New and Enticing Papercraft Books

Here's a quick round up of eight newly published papercraft books that look pretty great to me, plus there's one to look forward to in early January. All are available on Amazon and anywhere else books are sold so there may still be time to have them in your hands for holiday gifting or for yourself... Santa won't tell!


examples of colorful geometric origami paper models on book cover

The Art & Science of Geometric Origami: Create Spectacular Paper Polyhedra, Waves, Spirals, Fractals and More! was released just last month. It includes 60 sculptural paper models from mathematical origami master Jun Maekawa who shows how to fold geometric shapes through easy-to-follow instructions and photos. 


The nontraditional examples include unusual forms, clever boxes, quirky pieces, and biological models. Tuttle Publishing; 128 pages; paperback 


colorful examples of die cut paper orchid flowers on kit box front

Here's another new title from Tuttle... this one is in kit form: Origami Orchids Kit: 20 Beautiful Die-Cut Paper Models by Dennis Whigham, Jay O'Neill, and Maarten Janssens. You'll learn about twenty orchid species and efforts that are being made to conserve threatened and endangered native North American species, all while shaping and gluing a realistic model of each flower from pre-cut pieces.


numerous examples of paper orchid models standing near orchid kit

Making Traditional Marbled Papers sounds like the ideal primer for creating beautiful patterned papers. Author Kate Brett has been a paper marbler for more than forty years so clearly has the expertise to pass along her love of the art. 


From The Crowood Press, the 112-page paperback covers paper marbling history, introduces traditional patterns, details the tools and materials one needs to do today's creative techniques, and shows a range of projects. Kindle format is also available.


 book cover depicting hand holding wooden dowel swirling floating paint to create marbled design


Complete Guide to Paper Clay: Mixing Recipes; Building, Finishing and Firing by Liliane Tardio-Brise is one I'm especially interested in seeing. Paper clay has long seemed mysterious to me so this book will be a great place to start. 


"Explore the many possibilities of paper clay with the ten projects in the book, which each use very different properties of the clay to a variety of effects. Once you see the versatility of paper clay, you’ll be ready to try your own sculptures in this adaptable medium." Stackpole Books; 168 pages; paperback and Kindle


paper clay examples on book cover

Paper Collage Workshop: A Fine Artist's Guide to Creative Collage by Samuel Price takes you through a color-based collage technique developed by Price over the past twenty years. You'll transform photos using color swatches torn from magazines. 


"Color collage is a mindfulness practice. Like a coloring book, Paper Collage Workshop is a personal meditative experience that quiets and focuses the mind — a great way to experience some true peace as you create." Walter Foster Publishing; 128 pages; paperback


book cover featuring three pixelated collages including dog, vase of yellow flowers, and colorful circles

The Art of Origami Books: Origami, Kirigami, Labyrinth, Tunnel and Mini Books by Artists from Around the World by Jean-Charles Trebbi features numerous examples of folding and cutting techniques devised by sixty artists. It includes more than one hundred models along with folding templates and diagrams so you can try them yourself. Hoaki; 176 pages; hardcover 

book cover featuring unfolded paper origami book

Brain Games - Sticker by Number Dogs looks like fun for elementary school age kids on up. It will help with learning numbers and developing finger dexterity, never mind keep them entertained. Meanwhile, the rest of us can enjoy creating the dog image of our choice while relaxing at the same time. 


It's been out for several months and has already garnered quite a few positive reviews. From Publications International Ltd., the 104 spiral bound pages feature 28 pooches to sticker. 


spiral bound book cover features dog puzzle with some unfilled numbered spaces

Lastly, we have Susan Beech's A Petal Unfolds: How to Make Paper Flowers that will be released by Pavilion Books on January 10. I've been an admirer of Susan's gorgeous work for years and had the pleasure to interview her here. How nice to see she now has the opportunity to have her talents appreciated by even more people. 


Materials, tools, techniques, and tips... it's all there for twenty flowers, as well as tutorials for creating a table setting, wreath, arrangements, wall hanging, and bouquet. 176 pages; hardcover and Kindle


book cover features pale pink crepe paper flowers with fringed yellow centers


Please keep in mind that I haven't seen these books in person. I am simply introducing, not recommending. However, before I alert you to new books, I read reviews and steer clear of any that seem questionable.


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