Serene Paper Sculpture by Lubasha S

In the hubbub that is December, I invite you to relax for a few moments while getting to know Lubasha S, a paper sculpture artist in Queensland, Australia who creates ethereal, relief-style works on carefully chosen papers. After seeing her calm and peaceful posts on Instagram - and by that I mean not only her art, but her words - I knew this hectic season would be the ideal time to showcase Lubasha's art.


all-white heart-shaped paper sculpture on deckle edge paper


I asked Luba to tell us how she came to work with paper and scalpel.

I am originally from Russia and became a dedicated paper artist just this year, 2022. Before that, I tried felting, ceramics, painting, and children’s illustrations that I used for my own range of greeting cards... not that much really, since I was a late bloomer at the age of 48. I never went to any art classes; it was always self discovery.

I fell in love with the beauty of humble artisan papers while making a custom order journal, and when looking at what other artists do with paper I came across this cutting technique.
 all-white paper sculpture in narrow light wood frame
One of my values in life is Beauty - my heart is always in awe of creation. Every morning I walk slowly just to breathe in this beauty that touches me so deeply. I can sit for hours by the nearby pond and watch glorious reflections on the water or admire tiny flowers enjoying sunshine hugs. 
dimensional tiny paper flowers and butterflies on all-white paper carving

When I saw what can be done by cutting paper - the intricate designs that invite one to slow down and look into tiny details - I wanted to be a creator of such quiet beauty myself. 

I bought a scalpel and started exploring the marks I can do with it. I really liked what I made straight away... it seemed easy, very me. My style evolved as I simply enjoyed cutting paper without any agenda, like a child. 
 circular all-white paper sculpture accented with gold paint
I did not focus on learning the technique, it was more like expressing my heart on paper - things I lived through, learnt, and value. The marks just followed.
I added butterflies while going through a very painful season of life. They became my natural outward expression of hope and joy in the midst of hardship.  
paper sculpture with 3D butterflies and tiny punched flowers

Paper cutting became my language. Because l love everything wholesome and natural, beautiful cotton papers from European mills and Japanese washi are my choices.

I use a surgical scalpel and create sculptural marks intuitively, loving the process of discovery, mystery, and surprises. That’s how I relate to life in general. My tendency towards quiet contemplation and need for silence probably shows in the kind of art I make - I think of it as a quiet, peaceful presence that invites resting and being. 

circular all-white paper sculpture


What tools and materials do you prefer?

The papers I use are cotton; many are handmade. Some of my favorites are Saunders Waterford watercolor, Fabriano and Hahnemuhle printmaking, Khadi handmade, and Japanese washi of various weights and shades of white by Awagami Factory, Japan.  
pale pink hand painted washi paper strips and tiny punched flowers

I stain rice paper with watercolor, hand punch tiny flowers, and accent them with touches of fine glitter. For butterflies, I draw the outlines on washi, paint with gold acrylic or watercolor, then add details with a micro-fine liner before hand cutting each one.


detail of 3D paper butterflies painted gold with fine black line markings

Because you're quite new to the world of bas-relief paper art and are still experimenting perhaps this isn't a fair question, but do you have plans for future work?

I have soooo many ideas! First, I make my art affordable so anyone can enjoy it... miniature artworks for that. I dream of bespoke wedding cards, gift tags that I have already started making, custom wedding dress papercuts as keepsakes, large-scale wall art, sculpted vessels, and my own collection of sculpted paper jewellery. 
framed, all-white paper sculpture on textured paper
Do you plan to participate in art exhibitions?
I entered into Small Works of 2D and 3D Art at Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne very recently, submitting several pieces for that. I will enter more exhibitions with details posted on Instagram.
all-white paper sculpture with scalpel held in fingers
Where can you be found online? 

On Instagram, I am @pearlpapercouture.

Most importantly, I want to offer people something beautiful to create restful, quiet spaces. To me art is expressing love. One step at a time, with joy.
That’s my inspiration.

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  1. Gorgeous, just gorgeous work, thank you so much for the article

  2. So very beautiful and soulful! I look forward to following your journey!


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