Abstract Torn Paper Collage Art by Lynda Wallis

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for warm sun and bursts of color, just like the alliums that surround this vibrant torn paper collage created by paper artist and illustrator Lynda Wallis of Beloit, Wisconsin.


colorful paper art collage leaning against garage corner in allium flower bed

A Google Alert for paper art introduced me to Lynda via an article about her work in Beloit Daily News. (How's that for a trade secret? It's one way of finding talented people to feature.) I was compelled to visit Lynda's website and then asked if she would like to be in the Artist Spotlight.


colorful torn paper collage in shades of aqua, lime green, and lavender with added fern bits

While Lynda loves her job creating nature preserve educational signs that can be found all over the country and in a few places tucked around the globe, as well as lots and lots of custom maps that convey a sense of place in addition to being beautiful and functional (plus she was even head artist at a Trader Joe's store for a few years), making time to focus on her 'own' art finally fulfills a longing to freely express herself. 


torn and cut paper collage in progress showing upcycled papers and layers
torn and cut paper layering in progress

Read on to learn about Lynda's art journey in her own words while admiring the colorful collages for which she likes to make use of upcycled papers, tissue paper, and natural bits such as flower petals and ferns.


In an effort to unhook my “Illustrator-brain” I turned to torn paper. After decades of working as a freelance illustrator, I wanted to remove identifiable imagery and all the presuppositions attached to “things” when creating my own art.

Each new piece begins by diving straight into the color and or feeling, with a beautiful dried flower or leaf. The work itself guides me. I trust myself to know what color or paper to add to each piece. I trust myself to know when each piece is finished.


abstract torn paper collage in blue shades and peach and yellow

Happy surprises occur often in this mixed medium, the trick is to always be present as the piece unfolds. The natural world is always present in my work.

The longer one lives with my torn paper pieces, the more one sees. Your eye is constantly making new connections and patterns of movement. 


There are lots of little surprises everywhere waiting to be discovered. These pieces are fun, and playful, yet, sophisticated.

My goal? Joy.


torn and cut paper abstract collage in shades of purple with aqua and yellow

Lynda's art is currently on exhibit at Pump House Regional Arts Center in LaCrosse, Wisconsin through February 25th. She tells about her work in this video interview led by the Center's Art Administrator.


Lynda can be reached via her website, Lynda Wallis Artist Maker, Facebook, and Instagram


smiling woman standing under tree in yard 

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