8 Artists Who Make Remarkable Paper Jewelry

I seem unable to go more than six months without presenting a paper jewelry round up - apologies to those of you who don't give a hoot about jewelry. But if you're like me and never tire of seeing the diverse ways paper artists are creating unique wearable art, read on and enjoy.


display of solid color paper necklaces in turquoise, gold, red, and green with fine necklace wires

Silversmith Silina Pandelidou of Silinarte was featured previously, but I can't help but show you some of her more recent pieces. The many ways Silina combines silver with paper that she hand paints are striking in their simplicity and with colors that are inspired by the sea and island of Paros, Greece where she lives. 


necklace with geode shape paper ornaments on fine silver wire

Silinarte website; Instagram; Facebook

Monica Peksa in Austria describes herself as an arts and crafts teacher who studied jewelry making long ago. The art pieces she creates have a modern aesthetic even though they are made from what she calls "seemingly worthless materials, such as corrugated cardboard and paper straws." Monica uses stainless steel and brass for small elements.


aqua paper straw pendant with coiled silver accent and fine necklace cord

She can be contacted via DM on Instagram or shop in person at 'S Fachl Linz.


aqua corrugated cardboard necklace with thin silver cord decorated with aqua beads

Monica Peksa's Instagram

Daphné in Reims, France is a popular creator of paper jewelry on Etsy [affiliate] where her shop is called Washi Kiyoko. She fell in love with Japanese papers and combines them with brass findings to create an array of modern earring styles. Some include resin charms and even dried flowers.


pair of black and white dangle earrings with gold metallic circle and a long, thin black segment on each one

The tassels and polka dot trends are still going strong for spring and summer.

pair of dangle earrings with polka dot half moon shape topped with gold disc with blue thread tassel at bottom of half moon


WashiKiyoko Etsy shop; Instagram; Facebook

Graphic designer, photographer, dancer, and now jewelry artist, Ronit Cohen in Ramat Gan, Israel makes perfectly shaped conical beads that are combined in artful ways to create wearable art jewelry. Ronit cuts paper sheets into strips and enjoys the meditative rolling process. Sometimes she adds ready-made beads to a design. 


double layer paper bead necklace composed of bugle shaped coiled paper beads in bright green, blue, yellow, and orange

The vivid necklace [above] was made for a paper jewelry challenge of CODA museum (Apeldoorn, The Netherlands), and "was inspired by the colour palette and timeless drawings of the Dutch writer and illustrator Dick Bruna."


circular green paper bead and glass bead necklace

Ronit Cohen's website; Instagram; Facebook

Jen Neame-Collins in southwest France describes her wearable art as Flamboyant Jewelry for Fabulous People. Aside from being durable and lightweight, each piece is one of a kind and made up of multitudes of colorful paper charms.

smiling woman wearing black top and long necklace composed of colorful painted disc-like charms in various sizes

Jen begins by painting a sheet of background paper and adds gold, silver, or copper leaf patterns; the other side is similarly decorated. Shapes are cut from the sheet and glued together with additional layers of paper. Even more color and pattern is added to dress up the pieces. Two layers of waterproof varnish are applied and lastly the charms are assembled into earrings, necklaces, or bracelets... whatever strikes her fancy.


black cardboard bust of woman wearing long dangle earrings composed of decorative paper charms in shades of aqua and gold

Atelier Jen website; Instagram

Lydia Hirte in Dresden, Germany looks to paper as a suitable jewelry making material due to its flexibility and stability. By creating strong tension within the coiled ribbons of card, she has no need for glue or folds.


paper sculpture necklace pendant composed of paper strips with a sheen in shades of purple

Lydia's work has been widely exhibited and is available via Thereza Pedrosa Gallery in Asolo, Italy and BKV Munich.


display of shiny paper strips coiled into undulating freestanding forms on small pedestals

Naoko Yoshizawa in Singapore is another artist I have featured previously, yet her designs deserve a second look. She hand dyes Japanese paper for each piece and combines it with oxidized silver.


pair of crescent shaped blue earrings composed of individual papers

Naoko can be contacted via Instagram DM.
six colorful paper flower brooches composed of layered paper for petals and metal stems and leaves
Naoko Yoshizawa's Instagram

I'm constantly impressed by the number of ways Verde Alfieri in Milan, Italy combines paper discs to great effect. She and her Etsy shop, Alfieri Jewel Design, were featured on this blog several years ago, and since then she has continued to design statement pieces that are sure to be noticed. 
choker necklace composed of paper discs in green shades and metallic gold
Verde's shop is well-stocked and free international shipping is offered.
pair of striped cuff bracelets composed of navy and yellow paper discs
                          AlfieriJewelDesign Etsy shop; Instagram; Facebook

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