Miniature Paper Cuttings by KK Bicalho

It was such a joy to put together this Artist Spotlight post. Why? Because the miniature paper cuttings that KK Bicalho, a fine artist and art educator in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, creates are just that...  joyful. For inspiration, she needs to look no further than the details of daily life. 

miniature paper cutting of painter sliding down painted edge of picture frame

As KK says, "There is a lot of hidden beauty out there, here and there. It is necessary to see in another way what is always there. Forgetting for a while the way adults' eyes look at everything and remembering what our childhood eyes used to do."


miniature paper cutting of children in circle holding hands

The joie de vivre in KK's often whimsical Minuances (i.e. mini nuances) is due to her flair for capturing those little moments in time that we might otherwise take for granted.

black pencil with papercut flower placed at tip and miniature papercut child climbing up side of pencil reaching for flower

"By recording in paper silhouettes the situations that are around us, I give rise to a new way of appreciating life, with lightness and simplicity."


palm size papercutting of sleeping dog and cat huddled together

"I love miniatures! But my art goes beyond the paper that I cut. I dialogue with the space around the papercut figure and sometimes I use the walls too."

 miniature papercut tree with yellow leaves and toucan with colorful beak sitting on a branch

 stacked three-piece framed art with graduated yellow color; miniature leafy tree papercutting in top frame

"Starting small, but often getting big. I dream to grow them even more! (Not the cutouts, but the entire work.)"


two young children look at miniature paper cutting diorama held by smiling young woman

A wife and mother of two young children, KK works in her home studio. Her paper cuttings have been exhibited throughout Brazil, sold in galleries and online, and are in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janiero.

exhibit visitors get close look at black silhouette miniature paper cuttings

While earning a Fine Arts degree at Guignard School in Belo Horizonte, KK specialized in metal print and drawing.


hand holding square of clear glass containing miniature female silhouette in yoga pose

She created many pieces using silhouettes on both subjects, but it was in childhood or adolescence that she was first compelled to try paper cutting.


 square white box frame with four miniature paper cuttings of children positioned across bottom with tiny flowers scattered across remainder of space


"If I’m not wrong, one of my first cutouts was a ballerina or a fairy. I remember starting the cutout by the bottom (the feet), the same way I still start them." 


whimsical papercut silhouette of painter diving into pool of paint with supplies scattered around him

I look forward to seeing KK's newest works via her website and on Instagram where she shares reels of her cutting process. (I was surprised at the size of the scissors KK uses as I thought they would be much smaller to get such fine detail.) 


 smiling woman holds pair of scissors with opened blades in front of face


Stay tuned for information about her first international exhibition that will be a solo show in the U.S. in May. I hope it's close to where I live!

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  1. KK's papercuts are amazing! They are at the same time brilliant, because of her talent, and touching, because of what they represent.

    1. I agree with you, Guilmerme! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Such amazing work!


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