Unique and Useful Quilling Supplies

I've long said that paper quilling is one of the least expensive hobbies known to crafters. Really and truly, all you need to see if it's something you might enjoy is a sheet of printer paper, a pair of scissors with which to cut strips, a tool on which to roll them, and glue.


quilled white lilac with green paper foliage

If you decide you'd like some 'real' supplies though, here are lots of very nice ones available online. That's where you'll find the most selection compared to the stock you'll find in big box craft stores. Here in the U.S., a few longtime online suppliers have closed recently or are in the process of doing so. No worries, however, as there are still a number of fine choices. 

While browsing Etsy, I was drawn to two shops in particular, one in the U.S. and one in the UK, because I noticed they sell supplies that I haven't seen elsewhere.... pretty terrific supplies actually!


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examples of labeled skeins of quilling paper in many color groups

The amazing lilac branch (top photo) was quilled by Lisa Haas of Etsy shop CustomQuillingByLisa in Midland, Michigan. She was inspired by Miriam's YouTube video that you can watch here. To make the lilac, Lisa used the narrowest quilling paper imaginable... in fact, I didn't realize 1mm strips even exist! Before you think that's way too fine to attempt using, allow Lisa to assure you it is definitely possible.


examples of 1mm, 1.5mm, and 3mm fuchsia quilliing strips shown next to dime and penny for scale

"I fell in love with the delicacy of the fine strips. To my knowledge, I'm the only supplier in the U.S. that sells them. The beauty of quilling with 1mm strips is that the result is a solid, sculptural look. You can't see the individual coils, nor is there a center crimp when you use the special tool that I also import. I must caution people though, that the tool's prongs can break if it is dropped or the paper is wound too forcefully. That's why I include two tools in each set."


arrangement of blue, yellow, and white quilled flowers in clear vase filled with brown moss alongside quilling instructions

Lisa also offers a 1mm quilling kit that she designed... it includes 1900 1mm strips in mixed color packages, two of the tools that are ideal for working with these fine strips, as well as project instructions.  


color chart of Canson quilling paper strips

Other unique supplies that Lisa offers are 1/8-inch (3mm) and 1/4-inch (6mm) Canson Mi-Teintes Ultra Premium paper strips. She uses her cutting machine to produce them and will cut custom-width strips as well; just ask. 


After hearing that Cecelia Louie of PaperZenShop and Yulia Brodskaya use this brand of soft, but substantial paper, Lisa came to love it too, due to how beautiful it is when placed on-edge. In addition, it coils well and holds its shape, unlike cardstock.  


While I haven't quilled with Lisa's strips personally, I have used this type of Canson paper before, cutting my own strips from sheets. I remember liking the way it handled very much.

These photos show just a sampling of the 46 Canson Mi-Teintes colors.


color chart of brightly colored Canson quilling strips

New customers, use this coupon code: TPQSNEW10 for 10% off in Lisa's Etsy shop or her website, The Paper Quilling Shop. Free shipping on all orders over $50. Note that she is only shipping to U.S. and Canada at this time. (Canadian residents, contact Lisa for exact shipping cost - usually less than $15.) Join Lisa's The Paper Quilling Shop Facebook group to learn and/or share your work. She is also on Instagram - @thepaperquillingshop.


quilled giraffe head and neck


Another Etsy shop that carries unique quilling supplies is Tilly Victor. The owner, Jessica Janiak in Birmingham, England, has long been on my radar due to the clever quilled designs she creates. Her giraffe wall art would be adorable in a child's room. It even has the honor of being an Etsy Pick, meaning it was selected by Etsy's Style and Trend Editors.


paper crafting tool with white pointed ends for applying glue

In addition to a playful selection of quilled art, Jess carries kits (like this one), supplies, and tools, some of which are new to me and perhaps to you too. For example, the glue brush applicator (above) provides ease in landing a bit of glue exactly where it's needed. Jess also sells a standard slotted quilling tool that might look identical to the one that Lisa offers, however Jess's has a different size slot that isn't intended for use with 1mm strips.


 quilled ice cream cone in shades of pink and red in white frame

This cute strawberry ice cream cone is available as a custom-made quilled design, but if you would rather try your hand at quilling your own sweet treats, Jess sells template card packs that take away the guesswork. See the very pale grey lines that pave the way to placement success? Brilliant!


package of white quilling card templates

There is a Tilly Viktor website (it's named after Jess's niece, Tilly Victoria, in case you're wondering, as was I :)) in addition to the Etsy shop of the same name. Follow along on Instagram, @tillyviktor, and Facebook.


With Mother's Day coming up on May 14 here in the U.S. there's no better time to shop Etsy whether it's for quilling supplies or any other must-haves! 

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