Exploring Memories via Collage by iELA SNOW

The striking use of decorative paper in collages created by iELA SNOW caught my eye on Instagram. I knew I would soon be sharing her appealing work here on All Things Paper as there's much to see in each colorful and scenic collage.


wooded camping scene composed of decorative patterned papers


iELA, let's get to know you - where you grew up, where you live now, and your art journey.

My name is iELA SNOW … pronounced i-eh-lah. I grew up in Merida, Venezuela which is a lovely place located in a valley in the Andes. Later, I moved to Toronto, Canada, which is where I now reside. 


My journey into the world of art began with admiration and appreciation for various forms of artwork. I started experimenting with different art forms and eventually found a passion for photography that inspired me to create other kinds of art. 


I fell in love with Japanese and craft paper as the colours and textures take me back to my childhood memories of Latin America. These places hold special energy that both invigorate and calm me.


hand holding a colorful paper collage beach scene 

Through collaging, which is the perfect medium for me, my creations flow naturally. I enjoy working with textures and colours, and my small-scale works, which are 6 x 8 inches or smaller - never bigger - reveal my reality in a unique and interesting way. 


cherry blossom tree alongside tiny houses, all made of decorative papers
 Cherry Blossom


I sometimes question the validity of my art, but my husband, who is also an artist and appreciates art, loves my work and encourages me to share it with the world. I want to encourage others who may be questioning the validity of their own art to share it with the world as well. It is your expression and your way to see the world!


detail of decorative patterned paper cherry tree in bloom
Cherry Blossom - detail

Are you a self-taught or professionally trained artist? 


As a young person, I took several arts and crafts courses like felt, knitting, sewing, clay-work, and watercolour painting (which I still do). Later on. I also took several photography courses.


aqua watercolor flowers on white paper

Now as a self-taught college creator, I draw inspiration from various sources, and combine my past courses and all that I have learned to achieve my craft. I have a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every element is perfectly placed to reach the desired outcome. 

colorful paper collage of forked road leading to mountains or village
Ride to the Mountains

Tell us about the papers and tools you most like to use.


I work with Japanese chiyogami, yuzen-washi, kozo-paper, print-paper from old magazines, newsprint, craft paper, and any other interesting paper that I have become familiar with. 


As for glue, as long as it is not shiny, but is acid-free and not fast drying, I’m good. I use a wide variety of tools - small, good-quality scissors, dissecting tools, and a slide paper cutter. Oh, a very important one that I can’t do without are my artisan magnifying glasses (which I wear over my prescription glasses) LOL. 


road in front of small houses and hills, all made of decorative papers
Camino Alvinedo

Do you sell your work? 


Not the original collages, but because I have been approached several times recently, the next step will be to offer a variety of prints. 


tiny homes backed by mountains, all made of decorative, colorful papers
Find Your Guest Home

Where can you be found online? 


My URL ielasnow.com is currently pointed at a site where my partner and I sell merchandise. My intention is to develop one soon that solely focuses on my work. Meanwhile, I can be contacted via Instagram, @ielasnow_art.


two cherry trees in park-like setting in front of row of tiny houses, all made of decorative papers
V I L L A Flor de Cerezos

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you? 


To conclude, I want to express that my creations enable me to explore my imagination without any limits or stress. Through collage art, I can recreate elements from my past experiences. The memory of the stunning beauty of mountains, seas, and surrounding charming towns always fills me with a sense of inspiration. The idea of going on countryside adventures, like we used to do, brings back a flood of cherished memories. It reminds me of a happy time in my life that I hold very close to my heart.


smiling woman with long, brunette hair wearing sleeveless blue dress, headband, and long pendant necklace

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