9 New and Compelling Paper Art and Paper Craft Books

Enjoy this round up of newly released and soon to be released paper crafting and paper art books. There's a wide range of enticing topics.... perhaps one will open up a whole new hobby or livelihood to you!


book cover features black-handled shears and watercolor flower


My Life in Paper: Adventures in Ephemera, written and illustrated by book artist Beth Kephart, sounds like a must-read to me as I love a good memoir. From the description: "Paper, for Kephart, provides proof of our yearning, proof of our failure, proof of the people who loved us and the people we have lost. It offers, too, a counterweight to the fickle state of memory." The 336 page hardcover will be released by Temple University Press on November 3. As with all upcoming titles, it can be pre-ordered now.


book cover features example of vivid red and white lithography print


Paper Lithography (Small Crafts), a 112 page paperback by Sue Brown for The Crowood Press will be released on November 1. This is a step-by-step guide to making paper lithography prints using gum arabic to transfer a photocopied image without special equipment. There is also a separate listing for the Kindle edition that is already available.

book cover features three colorful examples of modular origami

Modular Origami: 18 Colorful and Customizable Folded Paper Sculptures by Tung Ken Lam is a 128 page paperback from Schiffer Craft that was released in February 2023. A wonderful thing about modular origami projects is that you don't need to use tape or glue to construct the ornaments and sculptures.


 book cover features collection of handmade, decorated journals


Treasure Book Making: Crafting Handmade Sustainable Journals (Create Diary DIYs and Papercrafts without Bookbinding Tools) is a brand new release (July 25) by Natasa Marinkovic for Mango. Have you heard of junk-journaling? To put it simply, that's what this book is about. The paperback and Kindle formats have 224 pages and include journal making projects, book binding techniques, and journal prompts. There's no need to purchase book binding tools... just use what you have on hand.


book cover features neutral colored collage


Collage and Architecture 2nd Edition by Jennifer Shields "...remains an invaluable resource for students and practitioners as the first book to cover collage as a tool for analysis and design in architecture." Released by Routledge on July 4, it contains 270 pages, is available in Kindle, hardcover, and paperback formats, and features 261 color images that show the versatility of collage.

book cover features variety of Christmas projects that can be made with cutting machine

Because so many paper crafters love their Cricut cutting machines, I have a feeling The Unofficial Book of Christmas Cricut Crafts: Customized Holiday Decor, Gift Tags, Matching Pajamas, Mugs, and More! (Unofficial Books of Cricut Crafts) will be a very welcome title. The 320 page paperback and e-book from Skyhorse releases on September 19. Author Amy Pelzner shows how to make thirty festive step-by-step projects. Cutting files are included. 


book cover features light blue folded paper bird

Fold It Calm: Simple Origami to Quieten Your Mind by Li Kim Goh won't be out until February 6, 2024, but it sounds like one to look forward to arriving in the dead of winter. 25 relaxing projects with step-by-step illustrations are included along with fifty sheets of origami paper. Paperback and Kindle formats will be available from Ebury Press; 144 pages. 

smiling woman lies surrounded by colorful, cheerful handmade projects


While The Big Book of Happy Crafts: 24 Creative Projects to Infuse Your World with Style, Personality & Fun by Lucia Mallea does not entirely focus on paper as the material with which to make the 24 stylish projects, it's worth including in this list. You'll learn to create colorful and fun paper flowers, party decorations, home decor, and fashion accessories. The 200 page hardcover will be released on September 28 by Better Day Books.

book cover features watercolor waves, clouds, or mountains in shades of blue

The Art and Art Therapy of Papermaking: Material, Methods, and Applications, edited by master papermaker Drew Matott and board certified art therapist Gretchen Miller definitely sounds like an intriguing concept for a book about making paper. It considers the process "as social engagement, art therapy, and personal voice." 


"Art therapists, art educators, and artists will find this book essential to their education about how papermaking can be a powerful process to make meaning for the self, groups, and community." The 220 page paperback will be released on September 21 by Routledge Press.



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