7 Creative Paper Jewelry Artists

There's nothing like a paper jewelry round up to send me down the rabbit hole. Instagram and Etsy are where I found the seven artisans whose work is featured today. Have a look and see if you can choose a favorite... I can't! Each person offers a unique style and is creating wearable pieces that are sure to be noticed.


 rope-like paper necklace made of punched circles in vibrant colors


Natalie Itinov's Biju Jewellery Origin Collection "is an abstract expression of life cycles and seasons through different colours and shapes that represent and celebrate life and joy." Each piece is crafted with upcycled paper circles that are punched and pierced manually.


pair of columnar red earrings made of punched paper circles with silver ear wires positioned on folded white paper steps

Natalie, who is Bulgarian and lives in London, also has an Etsy shop, BijuJewellery. Biju, by the way, means delicate ornament. You'll find Natalie on Instagram, @bijujewellery.

sculpted paper ear cuff with gold leaf and pearls

Raphaela Pareto of Rapha-Chan is a versatile artist and illustrator whose paper jewelry caught my eye on Instagram where she is @raphacchan. The above piece is a feminine paper and pearl ear cuff.

sculptural silver paper pendant on young woman's neck


Each one of a kind piece she makes is constructed of paper strips that are coaxed into either 2-D or 3-D sculptural forms, painted, and protected. See a bit of her process here.


 fingers holding necklace chain onto which is attached an Alice in Wonderland paper figurine

Sandra Sigala of Proyecto Grulla in Chile is an origami artist who sculpts and folds paper into tiny figures with incredible detail. Just look at the instantly recognizable Alice in Wonderland!


pair of white paper cherry blossom earrings with golden ear wires

Origami cherry blossoms appear almost as delicate as the real thing, but Sandra coats each piece with resin so they are stronger than you might think. She is on Instagram, @proyecto_grulla.

modern layered paper ring in black and purple

Krisztina Rigó of Etsy shop Thethewoman in Budapest, Hungary is inspired by the minimalism of Japanese culture to create sculptural, layered paper rings. 


modern ring made with red, yellow, grey, and black paper layers

She cites sturdiness, consciousness and sustainability as being important to her as a maker. You'll find her on Instagram, the_the_woman_.


array of square and oval florentine patterned paper earrings

Deanna DiSalvo of Etsy shop TheSweetLemonProject is an avid creator who managed to turn a rough patch in life into a way of sharing her love of making with customers and worthy charities, the latter to which she donates auction and raffle items for fundraising. 


selection of circular, square, and oval paper earrings with watercolor pattern

Deanna's busy shop offers a wide variety of reasonably priced paper earrings, as well as several stationery and home decor items. She is on Instagram, @thesweetlemonproject.

two pairs of woven paper earrings on stands with wood block bases

Ellie of KAGOTOPIA, an Etsy shop based in Los Angeles, weaves stylish jewelry and baskets using Craftband, a beautiful and new-to-me Japanese brand of sustainable paper strips made of recycled paper. It's flexible, durable, and available in many colors from KaGoCraft

two pairs of neutral color woven paper earrings with silver ear wires on backing cards

She also offers three DIY Craftband weaving kits via Etsy.

pair of oval layered, rough texture paper earrings with silver ear wires

Kara Maguire of Etsy shop PaperThinJewelry in Holly Ridge, North Carolina makes vibrant cast paper earrings in a variety of geometric shapes and colors using shredded waste paper.


oval handmade paper earrings in vivid blue positioned on wooden display stand

The eye-catching result is durable and lightweight. Kara is on Instagram, @paper.thin.jewelry.

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  1. I have been playing with the craft band paper now for 3 weeks. It was new to me, too. So much fun weaving and learning (thank goodness I am a visual learner as all the YouTube videos are in Japanese ) a new craft. Thanks for showcasing Ellie from Kagotopia.

    1. Thanks for letting us know you've been experimenting with Craftband! I noticed it's available in so many pretty colors and it's good to know there are YouTube videos... I'll check them out.


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