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Jennifer Stacey of Quilling Fun constantly surprises me... not only is she a prolific quiller of commissioned custom designs, but she recognized early on that embracing digital technology would speed up her ability to produce such varied work without sacrificing quality or the handmade aspect of quilling.

blue, gold, and white quilled letter A featuring stars, moon, and clouds  


Jennifer incorporates requested details into each themed piece to make it personalized and meaningful. A wedding, anniversary, new baby, birthday, hobby, profession, special location - actually any aspect of a client's life - and she is up to the challenge.


quilled piece in shape of Maui includes quilled bridge scene with clouds and sunset


For example, this first anniversary gift (traditionally made of paper) commemorated the wedding of a couple who met in Maui. There were married near the Astoria-Megler Bridge in Oregon, so Jennifer combined those two significant places into a Maui-shaped piece.  

Let's get to know Jennifer Stacey:

Where did you first come across quilling?


I found quilling back in 2012 while looking for an anniversary gift to make for my husband. I discovered Yulia Brodskaya's amazing paper art and was fascinated! 

palm of hand holding quilled paper letter J with skateboarder figure placed in curve of J

Tell us about your favorite quilling tools and papers. 


Tools - Maggie’s fine slotted tool, a needle tool, a paper bead roller for wider strips, and Aleene's Tacky Glue. Also, three Cricut machines that cut strips and score my designs.


Papers - Recollections cardstock 65lb (Amazon) and 24lb (Michaels) weight that I cut with my Cricut.  


quilled Zoey name with several quilled pine trees in background


When and how did you begin incorporating an electronic cutter into your designs? 


After making nine custom letters for my first client order and using straight pins in a Styrofoam board to create them, I said there has to be an easier way. I saw the Cricut cutting machine online and thought it would be cool to score the outline of the letters on paper! Ever since then, I do that and it’s sped up the process so much.

quilled floral flamingo design in square white frame

I also use either Cricut Design Space or the Procreate app to design the basic idea. From there I usually sit down once to paint/color the background and then the next time add the quilling directly onto the background.

quilled beach and surf scene with two dolphins in letter N shape


How on earth do you get so much done? Just the back and forth emails/phone calls with a client to plan a custom project take a ton of time, not to mention packing and shipping, yet you post new work frequently. You even manage to run the active Contemporary Quilling Facebook group.


contemporary, colorful quilled letter E in white frame

How do I create and produce so fast? The Cricut has sped up the prep time. For the designs themselves, I envision how I want them to look in my head and prep the pieces by outlining or painting/coloring. I use basic images from Cricut Design Space or I ask permission from photographers to use their images as a reference.

quilled African continent with gorilla, heart, and huts

Once I do that, I usually do the quilling in one or two sittings. From doing so many pieces, I have learned exactly how long the strips need to be without having to measure. I have also experimented so much that I know what will work to get my vision from my head to paper.


quilled floral A initial

I don’t have much free time, but I do have more now that my kids are grown. Due to working five days a week as a lead preschool teacher and managing the Facebook page, I usually quill early in the mornings or in the evenings. 

quilled ivory starfish ornament hanging on cypress greenery

Jennifer also makes ornaments to stock in her Etsy shop. This pretty starfish is especially apropos because she lives in Florida.


smiling woman standing next to ornately framed quilled floral design with many outlines of hands holding the stems


Follow along with Jennifer on Instagram where she is @jstacey_quillingfun or on Facebook, read her blog, and visit her shop, Quilling Fun.

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