Phenomenal Paper Art Installations by Nan Paper Art

Dezhi Zhang, aka Mr. Anan, of Nan Paper Art in Shanghai, China is a remarkable visionary paper artist. Just wait until you see the elegant body of work he and his team of young creatives have produced throughout the past decade using a variety of paper sculpture techniques.


large-scale 3D paper sculpture lavender irises display in event space

Breathtaking installations have been displayed in luxury brand advertisements, event spaces, store windows, at weddings, restaurants, and as home decor. Many are are large-scale... no, make that gigantic-scale! 


large-scale 3D paper sculpture tropical floral arrangement with butterflies

From the Nan Paper Art website: "The company’s aim is the ultimate pursuit of beauty in handcrafted art and inheritance of paper art. The creations are concerned with narrative, they seek to lead you into a story or environment and invite you to be moved by this."


lavender and blue 3D paper sculpture tropical forest with all-white low poly animals

pink, white, and black 3D paper sculpture flamingo wearing hat


overview of pink and white paper sculpture tropical forest with low poly animals


Some of the design work represents historical Chinese culture. Size is no object as evidenced by this dragon displayed in a high-end shopping center.


 enormous 3D paper sculpture of Chinese dragon

enormous pink and white 3D paper sculpture Chinese dragon


Recently, the team has been utilizing AI to aide in creating designs such as the dragon (above) that extends nearly fifty feet.


outdoor setting of large-scale lilies of the valley and white chairs placed in rows


single stem silk flower on black background

Sometimes glass and Japanese imported silk are used in arrangements, but paper is most typical.


quilled beach-ready Volkswagen beetle with surfboards, cooler, and suitcases on roof

Even quilling is included in Nan Paper Art's body of work as evidenced by this retro Volkswagen beetle. Interestingly, it appears that the paper is actually tightly stacked twisted strips.


 quilled blue and white retro Volkswagen bus shown next to quilling tools

The design for this VW bus includes quilled husking and coiled paper strips.


full-size replica of red, black, and silver paper motorcycle placed in front of arrangement of large-scale lilies of the valley

Here's a modern transportation mode as seen in 3D sculpture... the "world's first 1:1 paper motorcycle."


crouching young man next to all-white low poly paper sculpture male bust
Mr. Anan puts the finishing touches on a low poly paper sculpture bust.


To see more, visit the Nan Paper Art website. You'll also find Nan Paper Art on Instagram and Behance.

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