Cupcake Liner Flower Tutorial from The Soul of Gift Wrapping

A few months ago I alerted readers to an upcoming and beautiful hardcover book, The Soul of Gift Wrapping. If you enjoy wrapping presents and appreciate the use of recycled and repurposed materials, here is your reminder that today is its official release day! To assist author, Megumi Inouye and Storey Publishing in spreading the word, I'm sharing a project from its pages. The Cupcake Liner Flower is chrysanthemum-inspired and oh, so clever!


white cupcake liner flower that resembles chrysanthemum on top of wrapped yellow and white cube gift box displayed alongside pair of gold and silver scissors

Not only does Megumi share personal stories throughout the book, but the projects feature useful techniques like tape-free folding, paper and fabric bows, and special approaches for wrapping oddly shaped items. 


cover of The Soul of Gift Wrapping book that shows an origami flower on wrapped present

Cupcake Liner Flower


Excerpted from The Soul of Gift Wrapping© by Megumi Inouye. 

Used with permission from Storey Publishing


A creative convergence occurred in the kitchen while baking, inspiring this floral embellishment. A stack of white cupcake liners sat next to a chrysanthemum flower in a vase. The beauty of the tiny petals caught my attention. I started to play with the liners, cutting them in ways that mirrored what I was observing. In this engagement, I began to see the intricate details and appreciate the vibrant complexity found within just a single flower stem. 


Experiment with the color of the paper, the size of the liners, the number of layers, how many times you fold the layers, and the shape and depth of the cuts. Every decision creates a different look and feel! 


What You Need:

  • 5 cupcake liners or lightweight circular paper
  • Scissors
  • 1" brass fastener 

white cupcake liner with sharp point at bottom has been folded several times


How to Make It 


1. Flatten one cupcake liner and fold in half, then in half again four more times until you get a thin cone shape. (Adjust the number of folds to your preference.) Repeat for the remaining cupcake liners.


 five folded white cupcake liners with point at tips arranged in starfish design


2. Cut the top end of each cone-shaped liner into a diamond shape. (Adjust the length of the cuts to your preference.)


fingers pushing gold paper fastener into center of trimmed white cupcake liner


3. Open the cupcake liners and insert the brass fastener through the center of one liner at a time.

fingers fluffing layers of trimmed and stacked white cupcake liners

 4. As you stack the liners, lift or pinch each one toward the center of the fastener to shape the flower.


back cover of The Soul of Gift Wrapping book shows three project beauty shots and quotes from readers


Check out Megumi Inouye's posts on Instagram where she is @giftwrapbymegumi and in particular, this one in which she introduces the book and shares a peek inside its pages. 


smiling woman with long dark hair next to rolled paper sheets


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