Realistic Altered Cardboard Sculpture Art by AnDee Lumsden

I was wowed when images of AnDee Lumsden's realistic cardboard sculptures and unique cardboard beads began showing up in my Instagram feed. A number of her pieces look good enough to eat... of course I was especially attracted to the cookies and ice cream sundae! Let's get to know this imaginative artist who hails from the coastal town of Bargara, located in Queensland, Australia.


altered cardboard realistic cookies in variety of shapes and sizes


AnDee, what prompted you to start working with paper, and in particular, cardboard?


While I was studying for my degree at University (I have a BA in Fine Arts), I was walking along the beach searching for found objects for one of my projects. I came across a beer bottle in a sandbank. It seemed to have become a part of the bank's structure and taken on a new role of providing strength and stability. This led me to looking at materials differently and how they could be useful for so much more than their intended purpose. 


realistic altered cardboard ice cream sundae with triangular cardboard cookie standing up in ice cream


I began experimenting with many different found and used materials with the aim to ‘discover and reveal the jewel within.' The one that stood out the most as being amazingly versatile and beautiful was the corrugated cardboard box. For the past seven years, I have been experimenting with the paper layers from cardboard boxes, and have only just scratched the surface of what this amazing material can do. I look forward to discovering so much more!


Tell us about your thought process for beginning a sculpture. 


I spend a lot of time at my studio desk experimenting, mostly with the deconstructed box papers. It’s with the outcome of these experiments that I create beads and jewels first, always looking for that jewel within the material. Then, I have an idea for the sculptures. I don’t seem to have one without the other. I love to create sculptures with multiple parts, as well as create things that I can hold and touch; precious things.


realistic altered cardboard teacup and two cardboard cookies on saucer with small colorful images in grid pattern around outside of teacup


I'm guessing you enjoy challenging yourself to make the most realistic foods and other objects.


Yes, I do love a good challenge. I am always wanting to recreate everyday objects and foods into magical, jewel-like things. I think this comes from the inner child part of me wanting to express herself.


two realistic altered cardboard toast slices placed next to cardboard electric cord plug


Can you share a bit about your process?


For my food sculptures, I use a mix of cardboard mache clay created from the corrugated paper layer of the cardboard boxes, acrylic paint, packaging paper, and layered papers from the cardboard box. It all depends on what texture I want to create as to what technique I will use. I also love to contrast the cardboard with magazine collage. They are usually sealed with matte varnish and Renaissance Wax. I’m not a fan of gloss varnish.

realistic altered cardboard toaster with two slices of toast standing in slots

AnDee's website is Nerdy Cardboard Love where she writes blog posts that contain a wealth of information about working with this versatile material.

Her art is for sale at Blue Thumb and via her Etsy shop, MuseJewlPaperLove, where you'll find handmade cardboard jewelry and also a tutorial for making rustic cardboard beads.


rustic altered cardboard beads necklace


AnDee Lumsden is active on Instagram, and Facebook.


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  1. I was thinking exactly what you said. Some of those do look good enough to eat. These are amazing.

  2. Wonderful! Love AnDee's work...

  3. What a great talent! Thanks for sharing. Being an Aussie I know all those biscuits LOL

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post, Bronwyn... I didn't realize the biscuits are modeled after real ones!


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