Gigantic Undersea Quilling Installation by Heppicraft Artproject

I can't wait until you see the gigantic quilled installation that Mini Heipapper and her team of helpers created for BXSea Aquarium that recently opened at the Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall in South Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. A tremendous amount of time and energy went into the design/construction of fanciful undersea creations that delight young visitors.


gigantic paper quilled octopus in fantasy undersea display 

Let's get to know Mini:


Tell us about your introduction to paper quilling.


I was in a bookstore in 2007 and came upon a quilling book that featured a cute poodle and was inspired to try it at home. How lucky was I? I did it! I kept quilling, trying out new styles and shapes. I've now been quilling for 17 years and enjoy making 3D figures most of all.


view of fantasy undersea installation composed of brightly colored rolled paper figures

Paper quilling has given me lots of nice experiences. I have been invited to be on eleven television shows to talk about quilling. I've done exhibitions, collaborations, workshops, art markets, and commissions. Oh, I forgot one thing... quilling also helped me finish my college education as I made quilled artwork as my final assignment. [Mini studied Art and Graphic Design at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.]  


 fanciful quilled paper sea creatures


How did creating such a large-scale fantasy installation come about?

This job was actually my second time collaborating with Sembilan Matahari, a creative studio that combines art and technology, so it's no wonder my quilling installation looks so magical and fascinating... it was their great idea.

[This video and the photo below are a look at Mini's earlier Sembilan Matahari giant-size quilling project, located at Terminal Grafika Cikole Indonesia, a family resort area with camping facilities.] 


brightly colored rolled paper fantasy objects displayed as a hanging installation 

I can only imagine the time it took to complete so many quilled elements! How do you manage to do so much paper rolling?


I mostly quill at night after my children have fallen asleep. One is 7 1/2 years old and the other is just 2, so it's hard to find time during the day. Needless to say, I was really busy during the months I was working on this huge project, but I enjoyed it.

standing visitors look at vivid rolled paper fantasy undersea exhibit


What type of paper and glue did you use?


I used brief card paper, 150-160gsm, fluorescent paper, PVA glue, and a hot glue gun. 


What kind of a protective coating makes the finished pieces so glossy?


 Epoxy [resin]


bright pink quilled paper fantasy sea creature with many curved tentacles


Were you able to hire a team to help you with the making of the pieces and also with the actual installation? 


Yes, for such a large project I couldn't do it alone. I had a team of nine women I named the Roller Rangers, all of whom are my family and friends. They rolled the paper strips and I did the designing, shaping, and assembly. When all of the pieces were done, I sent them to the Sembilan Matahari office. Their team took the pieces to BXSea, turning everything into an incredible work.


array of colorful handmade rolled paper creatures with large protruding eyes

Is BXSea intended to be a permanent exhibit for families to walk through and interact with? 


I'm not sure, but I think yes because it will stay there for a long time. Eventually I may need to do some maintenance. 

detail shot of colorful undersea fantasy monsters


Are children allowed to touch the pieces?


I think yes, but parents have to watch their kids so they don't destroy the artwork.


Do you hope to do more large-scale quilling?


Oh yes, I would like to do more projects with Sembilan Matahari and other companies. I want others to know that quilling can be a high level of art.


brightly colored quilled sea monster made of hand rolled paper strips

Mini's YouTube channel is Heppicraft Artproject where you can watch her very smooth finger rolling technique.... no quilling tool required; she makes it look so easy! 


She demonstrates how to create 27 tight coil shapes, and also shares her unique gluing method via an ingenious plastic tube that she makes herself. Mini shows how to make your own cute quilled undersea monster

Mini Heipapper is also on Instagram, @heppicraft_artproject.

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  1. Wow! What a bright and cheerful installation!

  2. Mini's quilling is beyond BELIEF!! I love the colours, the shapes and size are AMAZING!! How do you do it with 2 young children!! I am totally blown away!! I enjoyed your finger rolling technique, quiet mesmerising. CONGRATULATIONS on the display!


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