Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Icicles and Inspiration

Our area was hit with a late season snowstorm yesterday - lots of freezing wind and blowing snow. When all was said and done, about 6 inches had fallen - a far cry from the predicted 14, which was just fine with me. Today's warm sun worked hard to melt the snow - this resulted in extra long icicles that formed as the water flowed over the gutter guards. A few loud crashes caused me to jump as sheets of snow slid off the roof. By Sunday the temp is to be near 70 (21C) - Mother Nature can be such a tease!

Several months ago I discovered www.craftstylish.com, a Taunton Press site. Oh my, it's easy to fritter away a good bit of time over there. Regular contributors write wonderful posts having to do with a wide variety of creations. Paper artist Jeffery Rudell's weekly projects never fail to inspire me. Take a look at the beautiful series of 18th century French court wigs he made for the Tiffany and Co. flagship store in New York City. What's special about Jeffery is that not only are his paper ideas incredible, but he writes in such an engaging style. I really appreciate the way he tells the whys of what he makes, as well as the hows.


Rosie said...

Wow, isn't he amazing! Love the wigs, but the crowns are fabulous.
As for the snow, please, please please don't let us get anymore! It completely ruined this country for about 2 weeks.
Rosie x

Vicki said...

Wonderful blog Ann! I love your work, it's just gorgeous! Great links too, I love to wander around the Internet and see all the inspiration and lovely's. Thank you also for the info on the online Card Maker Magazine! I'm signing up!

Stefani said...

Love, love, love Jeffery's work - I had not seen those wigs yet. Wow (as usual)!

Great blog - nice to meet you! (And thanks for the birthday wishes.)


josephine said...

Je ne comprends pas très bien l'Anglais mais je voulais laisser un commentaire quand même.
Merci pour ce blog si enrichissant.
Je viendrai très souvent y faire un tour.

Ann Martin said...

Thank you for the visits and comments, everyone. Josephine, welcome!

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