Friday, June 12, 2009

Sweet Treats

Every now and then I come across something that reinvigorates my enthusiasm for paper filigree. Feast your eyes on these beautifully constructed greeting cards! The tropical drink is adorned with quilled fresh fruit, the cutest palm tree ever, and a parasol that is oh-so-cleverly accented with colorful paper strips between the folds. The glistening hot pink cardstock and sparkly rhinestones marry perfectly with the cocktail theme.I love the way Agnieszka puts so much thought into her designs. She tells me she's originally from Poland and lives in the UK. A self taught quiller, she discovered it via the internet and continues to surf, always on the lookout for inspiration. I can definitely relate to that; there's much to be found via Yahoo groups, crafty blogs, and a multitude of quilling supply sites.

This is another favorite of mine that Agnieszka made... what's not to like about chocolate?! Again, everything about the design is perfectly coordinated... from the gold foil and crisp candy liner, the arched message that compliments the curve of the tasty treat, to the delicious shades of brown and pink.

I came across Agnieszka's cards via this post at the fabulous It's a call out to quillers to add pictures of their projects to the FoldingTrees Flickr group. What a great opportunity to show the world that quilling is indeed thriving and super-stylish!


Molly Smith said...

Hi Ann,

I found you from my BEST friend's blog who lives in DE (ItsLorraine), small world :) I love your page and links! I hope I get to see you again at a future AGM! hugs, Molly

Ann Martin said...

Thanks so much, Molly. I always enjoy your work and sites too, as they're fresh and fun. I really enjoyed meeting you at the Connecticut agm - wow, three years ago already - time flies!

Claire said...

These are cute! How creative! =)

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