Thursday, January 7, 2010

Paper Couture

I don't recall where I first came across Paper Couture, a lovely paper goods shop in Paddington, Sydney, but oh how I wish I was winging my way there right this minute.

Taking in a bit of summer warmth would be heavenly for this northern-hemi girl, but so would a chat with the boutique's owner, paper artist Jo Neville.

Jo with her globe stitched from maps
photo: Jillian Leiboff

Paper Couture is known for its bespoke stationery (a new word for me - bespoke means custom-made) ... correspondence, weddings, and events. In addition to working with beautiful papers, Jo delights in adding a touch of sewing thread to her simple, but elegant designs from time to time.

When studying graphic design at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Jo discovered she enjoyed 3-D design. She's pleased now to have returned to it after a number of years creating annual reports and logos for corporations.

photo by Jillian Leiboff

In addition to designing large-scale paper installations for corporate and private clients, Jo likes to create clothes from paper, such as the signature coat and skirt that are displayed in her shop. She's even sewn wedding dresses from white Tyvek and relishes the rustle they make when modeled.

Jo says she loves paper because it is sensual, tactile, and captures some of our most treasured memories. I couldn't agree more.

photo: Inside Out

See more of Jo's work on her website.


Krissy said...

paper clothes are my favorite paper art :)

licia politis said...

Ann, thanks for featuring Jo and her lovely Paper Couture shop, I can't wait to go to Paddington and visit Jo for a closer look at her Paper creations! I love cirles too!!

Stefani said...

Those little flowers stitched to the invitation are SO sweet!!

Linda said...

I am amazed at all of the amazing things you can do with paper. Love it!

QuilterLaura said...

I'm interested in the paper flowers sewn onto the invitations. How did you start and stop the threads so it looked finished?

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