Monday, May 9, 2011

LBC Paper

I really like the bright, geometric note cards that Leah Copplestone creates.

She uses paper strips and shapes in stylish ways, resulting in an uncluttered, eye-catching collection.

Leah also creates home decor, like the frameable, paper cut utensils below, as well as garlands, hanging flowers, pushpins, and magnets.

She made this very large fringed flower with beautifully marbled paper from Etsy artist, Ruth Bleakley.

Funky wall sculpture:

All of the cards in Leah's architecture series are original and one-of-a-kind; the designs are hand drawn with a fine-point pen. Can you imagine how hard these are to do so perfectly?!

Leah is currently recuperating from multiple surgeries after a very serious college sports-related injury.

She intends to finish architecture school as soon as she is able, but meanwhile, creating new designs and managing her Etsy shop, LBC Paper, occupies her hands and helps to take her mind off constant pain.

Wishing you all the best, Leah!

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Melissa said...

I really like that set of cards in the second to last picture, and the garlands and bunting in her etsy shop. And I love her etsy profile, and I'm so curious what her middle name is! :)

Lorene said...

Ooh, what gorgeously simple designs! Love em.

And congrats on a successful domain switch!

Maureen said...

Very talented. If I bought her cards, I wouldn't want to write them or give them away.

Ann said...

love all her designs. Very creative.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Wow, these are simple but really effective designs. I like them.
Drawing that precisely must take a steady hand and an eagle eye.
Thanks for sharing Ann and thanks for your visits to my blog

Anonymous said...

hi Ann

I love the freshness of Leah's designs and her etsy shop designs are very modern. I hope that her new found art helps her recover quickly.

Molly Smith said...

How inspiring is this? Wow, makes me want to get my box of quilling strips and makes some cards. I love her designs. I cannot draw a straight line so that one group of cards amaze me! Thanks for sharing her work, Ann! hugs xo

SUGANTHI said...

So many beautiful ways to use paper strips!THese look so colourful and bright.

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