Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Laura des villes Laura des champs - Paper Jewelry

Sometimes blog posts just seem to write themselves... I knew this one would be like that the moment I laid eyes on the lighthearted paper - yes, paper! - necklaces and earrings from Laura des villes Laura des champs in Paris.



Created by young designers in love, Laura and Médéric, some of the pieces feature folded paper, and all are crafted by hand from laser-cut shapes and sterling silver.



The whimsical selection...carousels, boats, and prince and princess crowns just to name a few, conjure up a sense of childhood nostalgia.



The pendants and earrings may look delicate, but because the recycled paper is coated with an environmentally friendly and shatterproof resin that Laura and Médéric worked hard to develop, they are durable and waterproof.


Made entirely in France by Laura des villes Laura des champs: website, Facebook, and Etsy.


Kai said...

Triple WOW!!!! Those are absolutely STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL! That carousel actually brought TEARS to my eyes. PERFECTION! I truly cannot even imagine making (or OWNING) anything that amazing! Thank you for bringing this create genius to my attention! And thank you for having one of the nicest blogs EVER! I just love visiting here!

SUGANTHI said...

ADORABLE!!!. All of them look delightful. But the house is my favourite.

komnatachista said...

These are fantastic, Ann! Thanks for bringing them to us! - Karren

sarreve said...

Your blog is a great inspiration for me ! Thank you very much

Ann Martin said...

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you share my enthusiasm for the jewelry.

Sarreve, Thanks for finding your way here and for leaving a message. I just enjoyed visiting your site!

Sasha Gill said...

Wow, this is lovely <3 I love your blog, it's full of wonderful ideas~

Partycraft Secrets said...

Love the little crowns and the boat and anchor - amazing. x

Laura des villes Laura des champs said...

Thank you so much Ann for this article, we are so happy!
Thank you also for all comments it makes me want to create more new models ;-)

Amy DeCesare said...

The little paper boat with the anchor is favorite!

Lilyweeds at Augusta Kent Studio said...

Simply enchanting, Laura and Mederic!

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