Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome August Sponsors

Each month I introduce All Things Paper's sponsors and highlight some of my very favorite items in their shops.

Melissa Bilyeu at Paper and Present has a huge, and I mean huge, selection of pretty ribbons, stickers, washi tape, baker's twine, bags, boxes, and patterned tissue. Have you ever seen black kraft paper? I hadn't, but love the dramatic look! Melissa says writing on it with chalk works perfectly... just tape up a big sheet and let the kids go to town.


Receive a 25% discount on all items at Paper and Present by using the code Paper25 at checkout.

Melissa also has color-coordinated gift wrapping kits in Neons, Neutrals, Summer at the Beach, and this beauty that's called Southwestern Sunset.


Sara Tejada of Inkprint Letterpress creates elegant business cards that will make a great impression in an instant.


Considering the popularity of all things honeycomb in the design world, these cute letterpress buzzing bee invitations would pave the way for a sweet and stylin' baby shower.


Linda Thalmann and the girls at PaperPhine are always creating amazing things with paper string... these unique button rings and cleverly wrapped presents, for example.


You'll find ready-made items in the shop, as well as a rainbow of paper twines and yarns.


Here are a couple of exciting lights from Allison Patrick at Zipper8Lighting. You might recall her all-white, fortune teller lamp that swept the interwebs last summer. This one is similar, except Allie used French road maps for a more colorful look.


And lastly, guess what this shade is covered with... yes, can pull-tabs - lots of them. What a cool, industrial look!


As always, if you place an order with any of these shops, let them know you saw their ad on All Things Paper. Thanks!


Maureen said...

Love the black kraft paper.

SUGANTHI said...

Look the lamps made from maps .beautiful shops !!

Katie (Lemon Jitters) said...

Love your sponsors! I'm about to visit Paper & Present - I might need to use that coupon code. ;)

Ann Martin said...

Katie, that's great. You might check out Melissa's blog too, if you get a chance. ( She often offers discount codes and giveaways.

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