Friday, April 26, 2013

GapKids Origami Animals - Andy Byers

Perhaps you've heard about the brand new clothing line designed by Diane Von Furstenberg for GapKids. The ad campaign features the coolest paper animals with a big nod to origami.


Diane has said her goal was to make little girls look like explorers via bold, colorful prints.

I first learned about the collection when Allison Patrick shared this billboard on Instagram. (It's so nice to have a friend in NYC, as there's always something new to see!) 


Of course the image made me very curious about who created the elephants... a bit of googling led me straight to the maker of the zoo. It's Andy Byers, a talented prop and costume fabricator for companies and films.


Andy received his MFA in 2005 from Ohio State University in Ceramics and a BFA, also in Ceramics, from Kansas City Art Institute. There's no denying he does things in a big way... such as these pieces in the next two photos, designed for American Express Serve.


That place setting is on the floor, not a table as it appears at first glance!


Perhaps you recall Isabella Rossellini's film series titled Green Porno that was seen on the Sundance Channel. Andy created the costume and sets for it, as well as several other series she's done.

And he made big hats for Ann Taylor store mannequins,


a window-wall of flowers, also at Ann Taylor,

Paper Sculpture Flowers

and glittery baubles for Victoria's Secret.


These props for Piperlime look like small desk accessories, no?



Think again!


That's Andy, by the way. And below he shows the scale of a leafy haven he created for O Magazine.


See many more photos of Andy's delightful work on his website and here's another look at the GapKids animals.

Enjoy the weekend!


Maureen said...

I don't think I've ever seen origami so large-scaled. It's fabulous.

SUGANTHI said...

What an amazing world Andy creates. I loved watching this sweet video. The deer face looks especially captivating.

Melissa Kojima said...

Wow! Andy's paper art is amazing! Thanks for finding out who created all those amazing props for those Gap Ads!

jessica okui said...

I saw one the elephant ads and instantly fell in love with it. Thanks for sharing about the artist. I think I'm going to look up more of his work.

Anonymous said...

how amazing are all of andy's 3d paper sculptures/origami!!! i was so intrigued with the isabella rossolini's green porno series....and all that paper art!!

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